Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Cong Li, Lian Hong Zhang, Chun Zhang

Abstract: Workpiece’s precision is an important indicator of hydraulic press. In order to accurately predict the accuracy of the part, a method that...

Authors: Jian Hua Rao, Q.F. Shen, C. Wang

Abstract: To improve the working performance of the compound rings high-pressure vessel, the different assembly and structural parameters during the...

Authors: Li Yan, Tao Yi, Liu Jun

Abstract: The machining coordinate system of helical bevel gear machine tool is established through analyzing the machining mechanism of helical bevel...

Authors: Cheng Li, Ying Tie, Yan Ping Zheng

Abstract: Mapping functions of various ellipses are gained by complex function theory. Applying stress function with complex variables, a mechanical...

Authors: Tie Geng, Jia Min Zhang, Rong Ren Wu, Yan Shan

Abstract: The structure and process of the injection mould for the front-bumper of a car were optimized with the domestic 3D flowing simulation...

Authors: Hong Guang Jiao, Peng Liu, Zhan Xu Tie

Abstract: To solve the conflict between separation space and magnetic field intensity, an original magnetic circuit structure system of permanent...

Authors: Gui Xia Zheng, Yi Jian Huang, Ben Gan

Abstract: Vibrating screens are subject to high levels of acceleration and often impart significant dynamic loads on plant buildings, especially in...

Authors: Wei Min Wang, Yan Jun Lu, Zhi Jun Cao, Yong Fang Zhang, Lie Yu

Abstract: The unbalanced response and corresponding bifurcation behavior of the rotor dynamic system supported by gas journal bearings are...

Authors: Yong Ding, Jang Kyo Kim, Rong Yue Zheng

Abstract: The microscopic mechanism of ultrasonic wire bonding is investigated by molecular dynamics simulation on the interfacial contact and...

Authors: Zhan Hui Li, Yun Xin Wu, Zhi Li Long

Abstract: Thermosonic bond is widely used in package of semiconductor chip due to its advantages, such as simple process, high efficiency, and no...


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