Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fan Jiang, Wei Ping Chen, Yi Jun Wang, Xiao Chu Liu

Abstract: The massive dust is produced in the casting process, need to control. This paper takes electric arc furnace dust collection way as an...

Authors: Guo Hui Sun, Shi Lin Yan, Gang Chen

Abstract: A significant challenge in encapsulation process of solar cell module is to reduce breakage rates. In encapsulation and service process of...

Authors: Feng Lin Gan, Yuan Peng, Chang Ye Chen

Abstract: This study taking the transmission steel pipe tower in the actual project as research background analyzes the mechanical property of...

Authors: Ying Ying Su, Jian Rong Wang, Wan Shan Wang

Abstract: Aiming at manufacturing resources configuration in collaborative manufacturing environment, configuration flow with process tasks...

Authors: Jin Zhang, Xiao Diao Huang

Abstract: This document explains and demonstrates the gear gasher and the mechanism of the process. It is wildly applied, since the manufacturing...

Authors: Wei Yu Zhang, Huang Qiu Zhu, Ze Bin Yang

Abstract: A dynamic decoupling control method based on neural network inverse system theory is developed for the 5 degrees of freedom (5-DOF) rotor...

Authors: Zheng Liang, Huai Xin Mao, Guang Hui Zhao, Fa Guang Jiang

Abstract: Coiled tubing (CT) injector head is a key part of CT unit. Friction between gripper blocks and CT offers axial force that runs and retrieves...

Authors: Li Ming Di, Chun Jing Yang, Yong Sheng Zhao

Abstract: A mathematical model for getting the closed-form solution of main parameters of cylinder exhaust port is present, based on a few known...

Authors: Jia Wei Xiang, Zhan Si Jiang, Jin Yong Xu

Abstract: A new wavelet-based finite element method was proposed for analyzing modal parameters of beams. The Hermite cubic splines wavelet on the...

Authors: Chuang Liu, Jun Biao Wang, Xian Jie Zhang

Abstract: The function model of digital manufacturing system of aircraft wing integral panel is proposed using IDEF0. The digital integral panel...


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