Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Liang Hu, Wei Gang Chen

Abstract: A manual fixed fire water monitor of type 100 was designed. The monitor can rotate 360º in horizontal direction. It can rotate from the...

Authors: Da Pei Tang, Qing Gao, Ying Hui Li, Fan Xiu Lu

Abstract: A multiple fields’ coupled model of new magnetic controlled DC plasma torch, which was used for CVD diamond film, was presented. In this...

Authors: Guo Liang Hu, Ju Xing Liang

Abstract: Fire water monitor plays an important role in the fire fighting. A liqumatic fire water monitor with self-swing device was designed, the...

Authors: Duan Cai Yuan, Jin Xi Duan, Chu Shun Zhou, Shang Yang Meng

Abstract: The plate rubber support is widely used in railroad bridge. To analyse its capability of transverse displacement resistance and increase its...

Authors: Yan Xu, Shuang Gao Li, Lin Gao

Abstract: Incremental forming of sheet metal is difficult to be simulated for its complicated 3D loading path. In this work, an acceptable approach to...

Authors: Chun Jie Han, Tie Yan

Abstract: With the development of deep water drilling engineering, marine riser has become the important equipment. With the increase in water depth,...

Authors: Jing Li Xu, Zhi Lei Chen, Zheng Feng Jiang

Abstract: By establishing finite element model of load floor based on the field data, this work evaluated vibration of load floor after isolation...

Authors: Wen Li Yao, Yong Sheng Ren

Abstract: The study performs the relation between the Lagrange multipliers and the constraint reaction forces in the multi-body systems. It helps to...

Authors: Xia Chen, Qing Ming Chang

Abstract: A model based on damaged mechanics is presented to analyze the failure behaviour of coke dry quenching refractory lining under circumstance...

Authors: Di Wu, Jing Zhang, Shun De Gao, Xin Wang

Abstract: Crawler cranes are the most expensive and frequently shared resource on construction sites, industries, etc. According to the...


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