Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Liu, Lv Zhou Ma, Yu Qin Yan, Y.F. Zhao

Abstract: A simple engineering language is used to present a geometrical non-linear formulation based on position description. Velocity, acceleration...

Authors: Xi Feng Liang, Yong Wei Wang

Abstract: This work presents a motion planning approach for tomato harvesting manipulators with seven degrees of freedom (7 DOF) based on an...

Authors: Wei Wei, Chong Zhi Song

Abstract: This paper gives research on Neural Network for AM Automatic Logistics information System’s Modeling, Simulation and algorithm, contrasted...

Authors: Zhan Si Jiang, Hui Jiang, Yi Zhong Wu, Jia Wei Xiang

Abstract: The process of model experimentation can be regarded as repeatedly evaluating simulation models by varying parameters of the model. At...

Authors: Qiu Xie, Zi Xian Liu, Er Shi Qui

Abstract: Aiming at how to optimize auto engine warranty cost, some hot issues such as what kind of factors auto engine warranty cost includes was...

Authors: Wei Liu, Tao Wei, Zhu Feng Yue

Abstract: The output pressure pulsation model for the aircraft hydraulic power pipelines was established by the methods of transfer function and fluid...

Authors: Xiu Lin Sui, Li Juan Jin, Jiang Hua Ge, Jia Tai Zhang, Zheng Wei Kong

Abstract: Joint modeling of exponentially fitting and least square method was proposed for key technical problems on milling temperature and heat...

Authors: Ai Li Wang, Quan Yang, Hua Qiang Liu, Xiao Zhong Du, Xiao Chen Wang

Abstract: 3D elastic-plastic FEM model was established with ANSYS/LS-DYNA for edger rolling in hot strip mill. The effect of width reduction of edger...

Authors: Wen Chao Tian, Huo Rong Ren, Liin Bin Wang, Huan Ling Liu

Abstract: Problems of the “false closure” and “instant closure” affect the antijamming capability and reliability of the micro-switch. Based on the...

Authors: Yan Hong Xiao, Chen Guo, Xiao Kang Tian

Abstract: Thermal deformation process of H62 brass is studied, multi-scale simulations of macro-forming property and microstructure distribution are...


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