Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gang Li, Zhao Qian Wang, Wan Shan Wang

Abstract: Abstract. As we all known, it is a hard and risky task to use a real physical tunnel boring machine prototype in experiment for the reason...

Authors: Ya Qin Tian, Zhi Bing Chu, Qing Xue Huang, Jin Bao Li, Jian Ping Qin

Abstract: In order to reveal the deformation laws and characteristics of steel strips during the pressure coiled forming process, the stress-strain...

Authors: Zhi Tao Tang, Zhan Qiang Liu, Li Qiang Xu

Abstract: When machining aerospace monolithic components, a severe deformation can be observed due to the release and redistribution of the original...

Authors: Xie Tian, Xiao Ping Huang, Zhi Yong Fu

Abstract: It is very important to determine the expansion pressure or residual contact pressure of tube-to-tubesheet joint. The expansion pressure and...

Authors: Yu Rong Nan, Na Meng

Abstract: Traditional three-phase PFC converters based on one-cycle control (OCC) exhibit instabi- lity at light load conditions.This will cause much...

Authors: Zhi Ming Chen, Jian Zhong Cao, Jin Qiu Huang

Abstract: Aiming at the problem of rolling force prediction, an anti-aliasing wavelet method utilizing FFT and IFFT is first proposed to decompose the...

Authors: Qin Wu, Zhi Yuan Rui, Jian Jun Yang

Abstract: The computer numerical control (CNC) machine tool was investigated and the dynamics model for the servo feed system was established. Based...

Authors: Hui Lan Huang, Gang Li

Abstract: To overcome the shortcomings of the traditional hot-water boilers, a oil-fired hot water boilers is improved design for a group-annulus...

Authors: Zhi Xia He, Qing Mu Mu, Qian Wang, Jian Ping Yuan

Abstract: The presence of cavitation and turbulence in a diesel injector nozzle has significant effect on the subsequent spray characteristics....

Authors: Yu Hui Peng, Cheng Hui Gao

Abstract: The generation of boundaries from the triangular meshes of CAD object is very important for successful surface segmentation and subdivision....


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