Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Di Wu, Xiao Yan Li, Shun De Gao, Yuan Shan Lin, Xin Wang

Abstract: According to the crawler crane’s structure and the scene management principle of OGRE (Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine), this...

Authors: Sheng Dun Zhao, S.Q. Fan, Q. Zhang, C.H. Wang

Abstract: Double rollers clamping spinning (DRCS) is a new process to form thin-walled rotary shell parts with complex flange, which adopts two...

Authors: Yong Chang Guo, Jun Deng, Hao Bin Xie

Abstract: There are two reasons to enlarge the thickness of welding HDPE tri-branch tube. Firstly, welding weakens the HDPE material properties....

Authors: Chun Ping Cao, Yu Sun

Abstract: Blank-holder Force (BHF) control technology is an important guarantee for the quality of parts forming. Taking YJ28E—1000/1600Q hydraulic...

Authors: Sheng Yong Pang, Li Liang Chen, Ya Jun Yin, Ai Qin Duan, Jian Xin Zhou, Lun Ji Hu

Abstract: Numerical simulation provides a way to improve our understandings of the heat transfer and fluid flow behaviors of the weld pool during...

Authors: Dong Lu, Guo Hua Qin, Cong Kang Wang, Yi Ming Rong

Abstract: A finite element method (FEM) for predicting the temperature and stress distribution is presented. Two workpiece materials were carried out,...

Authors: Guo Hua Qin, S.Q. Xin, Dong Lu, Yi Ming Rong

Abstract: In the field of aeronautical and astronautical manufacturing, milling is a basic machining process by which a surface is generated by...

Authors: Cong Kang Wang, Guo Hua Qin, Dong Lu, S.Q. Xin

Abstract: During the milling operation, milling forces are the main factor to cause the machining deformation of the workpiece. The flow stress of Al...

Authors: Yong Hu, Ming Xu Xu, Jun Zhang, Bo Mao, Xiao Qin Zhou

Abstract: This paper presents a new simulation system for ultra-precision diamond turning of optical free-form surfaces based on fast tool servo...

Authors: Peng Tong, Lian Suo An, Gen Shan Jiang, Yu Qing Wang

Abstract: The time delay estimation algorithm based on generalized cross correlation, can suppress the noise power effectively. More accurate result...


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