Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Long Zhi Zhao, Na Li, Ming Juan Zhao, Jian Zhang, Hong Yan

Abstract: A three-dimension finite element simulation for the model of three-dimensional network structure foam was made by ANSYS software in this...

Authors: Ming Juan Zhao, Long Zhi Zhao, De Ying Li, Xiao Qing Zuo, Jian Sheng Lu

Abstract: In this paper, the simulation of the commpress properties of Al foam was investigated by finite element methods. The simulation results show...

Authors: Xiao Qin Zhou, Wen Cai Wang, Hong Wei Zhao

Abstract: The stochastic uncertainties of regenerative cutting process (RCP) are taken into consideration, and both cutting stiffness and damping...

Authors: Bin Fang, Chuan Zhen Huang, Chong Hai Xu, Sheng Sun

Abstract: A computer simulation of the sintering process of two-phase ceramic tool materials has been developed using a two-dimensional hexagon...

Authors: Xiao Ke Gao, Zi Chen Deng, Wen Cheng Li

Abstract: A straightforward numerical method for the computation of response of non-linear finite element system with uncertain parameters under...

Authors: Yong Zhi Pan, Jun Zhao, Xiu Li Fu, Xing Ai

Abstract: During the high-speed milling operations of 7050-T7451 aluminum alloy using solid carbide end mills, helical angle, axial and radial...

Authors: Shi Ming Ji, Feng Qing Xiao, Da Peng Tan

Abstract: Considering the demand of precision in mould structural surface polishing method, a new method based on soft abrasive flow machining(SAFM)...

Authors: De Ying Zhao, Lian Dong Zhang, Hui Xue Sun, Li Na Sun

Abstract: Steering knuckle is the key part of vehicle steering system, and its mechanical properties and surface qualities are very strict. The...

Authors: Sheng Yang, Li Zhang, Hong Xu, Li Wei Zhao

Abstract: The roll milling process for manufacturing a twisted oblate tube was presented and applied in the forming of twisted oblate copper tube...

Authors: Sheng Zhi Li, Jie Xu, Yuan De Yin, Hui Chao Su

Abstract: The inner surface crack (ISC) defect easily occurs in seamless modified 9Cr-1Mo steel tubes rolled by the mandrel mill with high production...


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