Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zheng Lin, Li Gang Yao, Shu Juan Huang

Abstract: This paper proposes an approach for calculating the transmission ratio of nutation drive based on the working principle of the nutation...

Authors: Bei Xin Xia, Li Feng Xi, Bing Hai Zhou

Abstract: Performance evaluation techniques of manufacturing systems are powerful decision support tools especially at system design stage. In this...

Authors: Jun Sheng, Jian Gang Li, Lei Zhou

Abstract: For a class of three-loop architecture motion control system, two-stage close-loop identification is introduced to estimate the control...

Authors: Lu Feng Luo, Shuang Sun, Qing Guo Meng, Quo Qing Li

Abstract: In view of the limitation of trial cutting or manual inspection of the process planning validation of conventional numerical control, a new...

Authors: Yu Ning, Ying Chun Han, Chun Yan Wang

Abstract: With a synthetic study on the mechanical properties and deformability of TWBs, and an advanced mechanical analysis of weld-line movement,...

Authors: Jing Yuan Li, Guang Tu Yang, Chun Kun Lin, Fan Wang Meng

Abstract: In the present work, a finite difference model (FDM) is built to predict the transient temperature field of the aluminum billet in the...

Authors: Chao Liu, Dong Xiang Jiang, Liang You Hong

Abstract: As the capacity and thermal parameters of turbine generator become larger and higher, the strength design plays increasingly important part...

Authors: Shuang Liu, Fei Liu, Ping Yan

Abstract: The function integration, process integration and information integration of the manufacturing system are all in need of the support of the...

Authors: Fu Gang Zhai, Xiang Dong Kong, Chao Ai, Jie Liu

Abstract: Take a certain suspension system of forging manipulator as research object, mechanical system sub-model and hydraulic control system...

Authors: Ji Tao Liu, Guo Qun Zhao, Yan Jin Guan, Gui Long Wang

Abstract: A fully transient method for the simulation of the coupled plastic part and mold temperature in the filling stage of Rapid Heat Cycle...


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