Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Su Yang Li, Si Yuan Cheng

Abstract: In this paper, an integrated methodology of geometric modeling, finite element method (FEM) and artificial neural network (ANN) is proposed...

Authors: Bao Cheng Zhang, Guang Jiong Zhang, Bao Qian Zheng

Abstract: By systematical research on the analytic procedure of excitation loads inside the internal combustion engine, the computational method of...

Authors: Tong Wen, Xia Chen

Abstract: The deformation of an injection-molded part of a motorcycle seat support during the free-cooling stage after ejection was studied by an...

Authors: Chun Yu Zhang, Zhen Qing Wang, Mu Qiao

Abstract: The system reliability of prestressed space grid structures were using as control parameters. Branch-bound method was used to determine main...

Authors: Jun Hao Geng, Xi Tian Tian

Abstract: The process innovation is difficult, costly and time-consuming because it mainly depends on limited knowledge and random inspiration of...

Authors: Li Feng Chen, Xiao Ling Wu, Da Tong Qin

Abstract: The method to analysis the strength of planetary trains’ carriers of EPB(earth pressure balance) shield machine is presented in this paper....

Authors: Hao Chen, Ya Li Yang, Li Hua Chen

Abstract: Electric Power Steering (EPS) is a full electric system, which reduces the amount of steering effort by directly applying the output from an...

Authors: Li Ping Gao, Yue Wei Ding

Abstract: This paper introduces combining address space transformation strategy with lock strategy to maintain the consistency of both simple objects...

Authors: Sheng Fang Zhang, Ming Yuan Xia, Zhi Hua Sha, Ting Ni Guo

Abstract: With its broad application field, the injection mold has an important position in the mold industry. The key technologies of injection mold...

Authors: Yan Xia Wang, Yong Qi Liu, H.Y. Shi

Abstract: Piston is one of the most stressed components of an engine. In this paper, a 1/2 3-D solid model of a new designed piston was built by using...


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