Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Quan Zhou, Miao Miao, Fang Lai Zhu

Abstract: 4Ps (Proof of concept, Product development, Production, Product Retirement) framework of tooling development and management processes has...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Li, Xiao Hu Yao, Long Mao Zhao

Abstract: In our city, 75000 m3 Wet Gasholder generated coal gas leak during the work due to the crack of tower wall , which directly endangered life...

Authors: Xiang Bin Xu, Xin Jian Zhou

Abstract: KBCADFW is a collaborative designing platform which integrates CAD/PDM/KM, it manages the product designing resources such as documents,...

Authors: Dong Bo Wang, Xiu Tian Yan, Ning Sheng Guo, Tao Li

Abstract: In order to support the dynamic and creative Engineering Design Process (EDP) comprehensively, after a detailed literature review, a multi...

Authors: Yan Song Wang, Hui He, Zhen Hua Xu, Jiang Hua Liu

Abstract: Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) cooler plays an important role in reducing the nitrogen oxides (NOx) emission of diesel engines. By using...

Authors: Jun Sun, Jing Li, Jun Song, Wu Tian Feng

Abstract: In order to improve the horizontal moving acceleration of stackers, the paper proposes a horizontal moving mechanism called "side-wheel...

Authors: Wei Chen, Xian Hong Han, Xiong Hui Zhou, Xue Wei Ge

Abstract: As a new plastic process technique, Gas-assisted injection molding has many advantages comparing to the traditional injection molding....

Authors: Wei Wei, Qing Dong Yan, Jing Yan Wu

Abstract: The brake performance of a hydrodynamic tractor-retarder assembly, which is the combination of torque converter and hyaulic retarder, was...

Authors: Jian Yu Zhang, Feng Rui Liu, Li Bin Zhao

Abstract: The mechanics behaviour of connecting frame in aircraft composite cabin under static load can be expatiated through its dangerous key...

Authors: Lei Cao, Xue Jin Shen, Ru Yan Li

Abstract: Finite element analysis and corresponding experimental comparisons of temperature were performed to investigate the thermal behaviour of...


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