Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Xiu Hu, Hao Bin Jiang, Chen Long, Tao Wang

Abstract: A new type adjustable hydraulic shock absorber for a bus air suspension is designed, the solenoid valve and swing pneumatic cylinder are...

Authors: Zhen Yu Zhao, Fei Tang, Long Liao, Bai Liu

Abstract: On the consideration of connection of offset contour, deletion of interferential contour loop and accurate generation of toolpath in pocket...

Authors: Tao Sun, Yi Min Song, Liang Xu

Abstract: The existence of the non-compensable errors in limited-degree-of-freedom (limited-DoF) parallel kinematic machines (PKMs) affects the...

Authors: Shen Li, Xiao Dong Shao, Xiao Bo Ge

Abstract: A kind of CAD/CAE integrated modeling method based on feature is proposed. Firstly, analysis features are attached to CAD model of part and...

Authors: Fu Yun Liu, Su Jing Song, Bing Kuang

Abstract: In product configuration of mass customization, the structure of product family is one of the key factors which affecting the efficiency of...

Authors: Hong Bin Cong, Ru Xin Li, Xin Yue Han

Abstract: In this paper, the research status and the significance of the simulation technology were discussed, and the necessity introducing the...

Authors: Wei Hua Kuang, Biao Biao Chen, Yu Cheng Lin

Abstract: Injection molding is among the most widely used techniques for thermoplastics, and many complicated models are used in the mold enterprises....

Authors: Xin Wang, Jing Zhang, Shun De Gao, Di Wu

Abstract: Modeling System for Construction task Simulation (MSCS) presented in this paper is a 3D computer-aided drawing tool which is designed for...

Authors: Jin Shan Dong, Bo Qin Gu

Abstract: In consideration of the similarities of supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) kettles, the parameterized finite element analysis system was...

Authors: Chun Lei Shao, Bo Qin Gu, X.L. Huang

Abstract: Using Reynolds average N-S equations closed by standard k- turbulence model, the steady and unsteady turbulent flow in centrifugal pump was...


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