Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Huai Wang, Qi Hui Wang, Li Dong Wang

Abstract: This paper presents a method for extracting the tiny crack on the surface of magnetic ring. First, the magnetic ring image is decomposed,...

Authors: Shuang Jie Liu, Yong Ping Hao

Abstract: One Micro-Electro-Mechanical System(MEMS) based actuator that fabricated by LIGA (Lithographie ,Galanoformung and Abformung) technology was...

Authors: Hai Xin Zou, Xiang Jun Zou, Yin Le Chen, Quan Sun

Abstract: According to different environment and working requirement, the manipulators with diverse shapes and functions are required. In this paper,...

Authors: Jun Yuan Li, Xian Feng Jiang

Abstract: Based on requirements of evaluation on comfort level of hand-held tool handles, this essay put forward an evaluation method as well as...

Authors: Xiao Lei Wang, Yu Yang, Qiang Zeng, Jin Qiang Wang

Abstract: To avoid the premature convergence caused by basic particle swarm optimization(PSO) in resolving engineering optimization design of highly...

Authors: Yi Hong Zhao, Rong Fa Chen

Abstract: A rotatable wheeled mobile robot is studied to develop a ground robot applied to special rough environment, such as turning a somersault....

Authors: Xu Zhang, Xue Сhang Zhang, Jiqiang Li, Jiang Xiong Li

Abstract: A combination features based technology is proposed to matching point cloud models. Firstly, automatically segment the point cloud to get...

Authors: Xiu Lin Sui, Zheng Wei Kong, Jiang Hua Ge, Jia Tai Zhang, Li Juan Jin

Abstract: To resolve key technology of parameter optimization of virtual NC milling physical simulation system, a multi-objectives optimized model was...

Authors: Jian Xing Zhou, Geng Liu, Shang Jun Ma

Abstract: The dynamic load sharing characteristic of the 2K-H-type planetary gear system with floating center gear is researched in consideration of...

Authors: Li Sun, Shao Qing Huang

Abstract: Roll ring is a key component of test table that can transmit electric signal and arousal power. In order to meet the needs of better...


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