Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Jun Wang, Jia Xin Chen, Xiang Jun Zou, Chang Yu Liu

Abstract: Based on agronomic and harvest characteristic analysis for bananas, according to bionic principle, a mechanism of picking banana manipulator...

Authors: Yan Mei Meng, Zhen Dong, Fu Ning Lu, Shang Ping Li, Kai Xu

Abstract: The cleaning element is not only the key part of the sugarcane harvester, but it is also the bottleneck of the development within the whole...

Authors: Qing Song Ai, S.Q. Xie, Zu De Zhou, Quan Liu, L. Tao, W.Z. Yang

Abstract: Nowadays, Small and medium-sized Manufacturing Enterprises (SMEs) are facing intensive competition from the global market. For these SMEs,...

Authors: Guan Nan Liu, Feng Gao, Ming Ji, Xing Guang Liu

Abstract: A multicomponent turbulent model of the airflow in working face was modeled.And the simulation result is compared with the measured...

Authors: Jin Guo Li, Lin Kang

Abstract: Effective calculated method of temperature field analysis was studied on the hot plate by CAE technologies. It provides design method and...

Authors: Zhi Yong Li, Hua Ji

Abstract: Cathode design is a difficult problem must be faced and solved in electrochemical machining (ECM). In ECM process, various parameters, such...

Authors: Xiao Rong Huang, Shun Sheng Guo, Xiao Bing Yu

Abstract: Supplier evaluation is the most vital action of supplier selection. Supplier evaluation data is divided into two kinds: the qualitative and...

Authors: Jin Fei Liu, Ming Chen, Yuan Yao, Qing Hua Kong

Abstract: With the development of economic globalization, the union enterprises under the circumstance of inter-industry, inter-regional,...

Authors: Zheng Qi Ling, Jin Wang, Guo Dong Lu, Jian Chen

Abstract: Mold platens play an important role in the injection process of injection molding machines. In this paper, a method of integrating NCGA with...

Authors: Li Juan Liu, Wen Ge Wu

Abstract: As one of the advanced manufacturing technologies, high speed machining (HSM) is expected to be the inevitable trend of manufacturing...


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