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Authors: Jian Hua Rong, Wei Xiang Li, Bing Feng
Abstract:In the proposed topology optimization method, the whole optimization process is divided into two phases. Firstly,an optimization model...
Authors: Zhao Xia He, Geng Liu, Lan Liu, Li He
Abstract:The performance simulation report of product is an important basis for resource distribution and estimate in design process. In order to...
Authors: Sheng Yuan Yan, Kun Yu, Zhi Jian Zhang, Min Jun Peng
Abstract:The instruments arrangement of human-machine interface can directly influence the operation and efficiency of human-machine interaction in...
Authors: Dong Seop Han, Geun Jo Han, Yong Mok Cho, Young Jin Lee, Kwon Soon Lee
Authors: Xin He Liang, Jin Liang, Chen Guo
Abstract:We present a scatter point cloud denoising method, which can reduce noise effectively, while preserving mesh features such as sharp edges and...
Authors: Yong Cai, Ze Yu Weng, Nan Nan Zhang, Jin Hua Yang, Wei Hua Yuan
Abstract:The dynamic characteristic of CNC high precision surface grinder with horizontal spindle and rotary table MGK7350 was studied by using modal...
Authors: Zhi Xin Chen, Chen Guo, De Hai Zhang
Abstract: Many of simulation analysis were carried out under the complex conditions, and in general it will use some viable treatment, so get the...
Authors: Jian Ping Zhang, Shu Guang Gong, Yan Kun Jiang
Abstract: A numerical method for structural dynamic topology optimization and sensitivity analysis is presented by using RKPM. In this paper, the...
Authors: Hong Zhe Zhang, Shu Ren Zhang, Yang Xia, Ping Hu
Abstract:In this paper, the shell element with drilling degree of freedom (DOF) is applied to springback analysis, which possesses most satisfactory...
Authors: Hui Zhu Yang, Zhi Guo Chang, Zong Lin Yang, Qi Lin Zhang
Abstract:Sun-valley of Expo-axis is irregular large-span steel structure building. For the complicacy and specialty of tubular joint conformation,...
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