Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chang Kun Chen, Wei Zhang, Dong Zhang

Abstract: An optimizing strategy, based on the performance calculation of mechanical properties under high temperature, was proposed to study the...

Authors: Qing He, Da Qian Dong, Zi Rui He, Jing Jie Ju

Abstract: Application technology of computer-aided design to large-scale long belt conveyor is presented. A new software system of belt conveyor...

Authors: Li Zhang, Liang Wei Zhong

Abstract: Modal analysis of machine center was carried out by means of finite-element analysis (FEA) method to get its characteristics and to improve...

Authors: Zong Yan Wang, Dong Xia Zhu, Chun Yue Lu

Abstract: To solve the problem such as large amounts of repeated designs and long design cycle in the traditional design process of crane, the...

Authors: Hai Wei Wang, Geng Liu, Dang Dang Zheng

Abstract: According to the simulation requirement for complex mechanical system, building flow modeling and control mechanism is the main content of...

Authors: Yue Ming Wu, Han Wu He, De Tao Zheng

Abstract: A vision-based two-handed interaction approach for augmented reality is described. In order to achieve the real-time performance, the hand...

Authors: Qiao Fang Zhang, Ke Zhou, Ming Huan Wang, Wei Peng

Abstract: The numerical simulation and experiment had been applied to study the cooling of electric cutting tool. Temperature and wind velocity vector...

Authors: Tao Zan, Min Wang, Ren Yuan Fei

Abstract: The control charts pattern recognition can detect the unnatural fluctuation of the machining process and enhance the automation level of...

Authors: Shao Jin Yan, Zhi Min Zhang

Abstract: A method of using polychromatic sets theory to define the multi-process routes is proposed to solve the problem of process decision-making...

Authors: Wen Qing Zhu, Liang Chen

Abstract: Based on the analysis of product model characteristics of multidisciplinary collaborative design (MCD), multiple views model expressed by an...


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