Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Dong Wang, He Shan Liu, Zhen Ya Wang, Ying Xin Zhao

Abstract: This paper presents the concept of Collaborative Commodity Design (CCD). The main features of CCD is introduced, and the general development...

Authors: Ning Zhao, Hui Guo, Zong De Fang, Hao Gao

Abstract: This paper introduces the generation of face-gear by a worm and the coordinates system. A scheme for cutting face gears using a CNC hobbing...

Authors: Shih Han Lin, Shu Jung Chen, Chih Hsiung Shen

Abstract: A new modified CMOS buffer amplifier with rail-to-rail input and output range is proposed by TSMC 0.35μm 2P4M process at 3.3V supply. The...

Authors: Chang Sheng Zhu, Jun Wei Wang

Abstract: Based on a thin interface limit 3D phase-field model by coupled the anisotropy of interfacial energy and self-designed AADCR to improve on...

Authors: Chien Wei Liu, Chia Chi Lo, Ching Sung Wang, Chen Tung Yu

Abstract: Complications in total knee arthroplasty (TKA), which may include the inaccuracy of the implantation and the poor component design, can...

Authors: Di Li, Zhi Yong Lu, Wen Qian Kang

Abstract: Based on the interface element method, a coupling algorithm for the large deformation problems has been proposed, which converts the FE...

Authors: Jian Ping Yuan, Zhi Xia He, Qian Wang, Ju Yan Liu

Abstract: The Reynolds equation and energy equation with the thermal balance equation in combination were applied to build the thermohydrodynamic...

Authors: Hung Cheng Tsai, Tien Li Chen, Hung Jung Tsai, Fei Kung Hung

Abstract: The product form design activities involve a high degree of uncertainty and complexity and are therefore not easily formulated, coded and...

Authors: Bin Yang, Qing Hong Sun

Abstract: According to the structure dynamics and the aerodynamics theories, based on and equations turbulent model, the paper deduced metro train...

Authors: Yan Hua Huang, Wen Lei Sun, Yan Xu

Abstract: For the reconstruction model of medical image data has necessity and importance to the medical application and research, a variety of...


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