Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Pu Chao, Le Hua Qi, Xiang Hui Zeng, Jun Luo, Hua Huang

Abstract: In the droplet-based manufacturing process, the accuracy and density of forming parts are determined by experimental parameters such as...

Authors: Feng Kui Cui, Xuan Jing He, Chun Mei Li, Yan Li, Zhi Ren Han

Abstract: According to the kinematics theory of part surface forming motion and engagement principle, shaping movement of ballscrew manufactured by...

Authors: Zhong De Shan, Feng Liu, Li Zhan, Zhi Lin Lin

Abstract: Based on the review of current status and development of casting CNC manufacturing technology, this paper analyzes the characteristics and...

Authors: Kai Zhang, Wei Jun Liu, Xiao Feng Shang

Abstract: Laser additive direct deposition of metals is a new rapid manufacturing technology, which combines with computer aided design, laser...

Authors: Wen Lei Sun, Yi Ping Yuan, Yi Fang Zhong, Li He, Jao Guo

Abstract: The petroleum aiguille, whose capabilities directly affect the quality, speed and cost of artesian well, is the primary rock breaker in the...

Authors: Dong Bin Zhu, An Ping Xu

Abstract: A novel ceramic forming process, dual-phase materials extrusion process based on solid freeform fabrication (also known as rapid...

Authors: Yong Jie Shi, Di Zheng, Jian Ming Zhan, Long Shan Wang

Abstract: In this paper, a compliant tool was designed for abrade polishing parts with surface of revolution on general NC lathe. The tool can adapt...

Authors: Lei Wang

Abstract: The paper presented a computer aided design and engineering (CAD/CAE) system that can be used to simulate and analyse three-dimensional...

Authors: Xiao Xin Gong, Yan Nian Rui, Ying Ping He

Abstract: When the common cylindrical helical spring is used in high-frequency vibration sieve for slime dewatering, there are many problems such as...

Authors: Pai Shan Pa

Abstract: The current study presents a method for finishing hole-wall surfaces, superior to that obtainable by traditional boring, using a...


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