Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lei Wang, Zheng Yang Xu

Abstract: A new flexible feeding ECM machine has been presented in the paper. The rational optimization rules of cathode’s feeding are proposed....

Authors: Lei Geng, Hua Yan Zhong

Abstract: The formation of WEDM surface is a complicated process. There are many factors which make machined surface topography have the...

Authors: Gui Xi Jia, Yang Zhang, You Wen Xiao, Yuan Su

Abstract: This paper discusses the characteristics of welding power supply, and then gives the design ideas of digital welding power. A full-bridge...

Authors: Ming Huan Wang, C.Y. Yao, Qiao Fang Zhang, Wei Peng

Abstract: Electrochemical machining (ECM) technology has the advantage of machining the workpiece with complex profile on the basis of electrolysis....

Authors: Shao Hui Yin, Ke Jun Zhu, Yu Feng Fan, Yong Jian Zhu, Yue Chen, Yu Wang

Abstract: Optical glass is widely used as the most important basic material in optical field. In this paper, four different shape finishing tools are...

Authors: Yi Qing Chen, Liang Chi Zhang

Abstract: This paper investigates the polishing of single crystal diamond using the dynamic friction method. It was found that by selecting a proper...

Authors: Yu Feng Fan, Yong Jian Zhu, Shao Hui Yin

Abstract: This paper clarifies the influence of the geometrical arrangement of the workpiece on workpiece roundness in the ultrasonic...

Authors: Feng Jun Chen, Shao Hui Yin, Hitoshi Ohmori, Kazutoshi Katahira

Abstract: Silicon is widely used as the most important substrate material in integrated circuit and micro electronic devices field. Electrolytic...

Authors: Ming Rang Cao, Sheng Qiang Yang, Wen Hui Li, Shi Chun Yang

Abstract: The small hole EDM is one main method of micro holes machining and applied very widely. But it’s machining efficiency is low and machining...

Authors: Hong Ling Chen, Wen Hui Li, Sheng Qiang Yang, Shi Chun Yang

Abstract: As a kind of precise surface finishing technology, magnetic abrasive finishing has wide application, low cost, high efficiency, good...


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