Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xu Yue Wang, Wen Ji Xu, Lian Ji Wang, Jun Wang, Yan De Liang

Abstract: Based on a principle of laser drilling size and the roundness copied with respect of laser spatial mode, heat absorbing rate for laser...

Authors: Tong Wang, Yu Mei Lu, Xian Chong Lu, Sun Fei Wang, Jing Zhe

Abstract: This paper investigates a new process of wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM) as gas-liquid combined multiple cut. High-speed WEDM...

Authors: Qin Zhu Chen, Xue Sheng Wang, Zheng Bian Wang

Abstract: A new kind of hydraulic expansion device for bimetallic CRA-lined pipe has been researched and developed, as well as its operational...

Authors: Albert Wen Jeng Hsue, Chih Hung Chung

Abstract: Owing to its low removal rate and debris ejection nature, EDM is a very slow machining process. A novel jump motion control for electrode in...

Authors: Xi Ying Zhou, Yan Hui Liu, Zhou Xu

Abstract: The Al-Cu-Fe nano films were successfully deposited by magnetron co-sputtering with the Al, Cu and Fe independent targets. The surface...

Authors: Zhong Cao, Zhong Liang Xiao, Yun Lin Dai, Masao Kamahori, Maki Shimoda

Abstract: An extended gate field effect transistor (EGFET) sensing chip has been constructed by using one gold plate electrode for molecule...

Authors: Jun Chuan Niu, C.W. Lim, A.Y.T. Leung

Abstract: This paper presents a higher-order nonlocal plate model and its formulation for bending analysis of nanoplates via variational principle and...

Authors: Bo Wen Zhang, Yong Da Yan, Zhen Jiang Hu, Xue Sen Zhao, Ying Chun Liang, Wei Dong Fei, Shen Dong

Abstract: As the dimensions of parts become smaller, understanding the mechanical properties of these small components was becoming more important....

Authors: Yu Zhou Sun, Jin Yan Wang, K.M. Liew

Abstract: This paper introduces a multiscale modeling approach for carbon nanotubes (CNTs), in which a fine continuum model that has been developed by...

Authors: Shao Hui Yin, Feng Jun Chen, Yu Wang, Yu Feng Fan, Yong Jian Zhu, Hitoshi Ohmori, Kazutoshi Katahira

Abstract: A compensation method was proposed for correcting wheel setting error and residual form error in nanogrinding of axisymmetric surfaces. In...


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