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Authors: Shao Jie Zhang, Chun Li Yang
Abstract: Dynamic Alliance is becoming more and more important in manufacturing industry. Based on previous studies, a five-stage life-cycle of Dynamic Alliance is proposed in this paper. On the basis of life-cycle, taking into account both the entire life-cycle and each stage; the quality evaluation system was built. In this paper, the methods of Delphi and Multiple Factor Analysis were used to study the factors influencing the quality level at each stage, then quantitative conclusion was drew in the end. In addition, as the researches on Dynamic Alliance are still at the exploratory stage in manufacturing industry, this paper tries to provide references for further study.
Authors: Xin Ping Yan, Cheng Qing Yuan, Zheng Lin Liu, C.Q. Zong, X.Q. Bai
Abstract: A simulation tester was designed which could be used to simulate the wear and vibration of the key rubbing pairs in an internal-combustion engine, such as cylinder liner-piston ring, crankshaft and sliding bearings. Its pivotal innovation is that high pressure air was adopted to simulate the explosive pressure and pressure evolution in a cylinder to accord with the real conditions. Pressure sensors, vibration accelerations sensors, oil monitoring sensors and temperature sensors were installed at many points and directions on the tester support to form an on-line condition monitoring system via the developed software, which could simultaneously monitor the real-time wear and vibration condition for key rubbing pairs in internal-combustion engine. It is believed that the successful application of the tester for both tribological and dynamic characterization will be very significant to study the key rubbing pairs in internal-combustion engine.
Authors: Hui Liu, Jun Yan Liu, Yang Wang, Hui Juan Li
Abstract: Lock-in thermography (LT), that is active infrared testing technology, mainly includes optical lock-in thermography (OLT) and ultrasound lock-in thermography (ULT). LT can be used to detect unbonds between honeycomb core and face sheet of sandwich structures. However, modulation frequency is an important influencing factor. In this paper, the principles of LT are represented, in experimental detections of simulated unbonds in honeycomb sandwich structures with Al-face sheet and CFRP-face sheet using OLT and ULT, detectability of OLT and ULT is compared and analyzed, effect of modulation frequency is researched and the optimal frequencies are obtained.
Authors: Wen Jun Meng, Wei Peng
Abstract: Because of the resistances to the belt’s motion in belt conveyors mainly caused by friction and frictional wear of the belt being one of key factors to effect its service life, the paper gives a simple qualitative investigation of frictional characteristic of the belt from its material behavior. Using stimulant coefficient of friction, it could make quantitative analysis for the resistances to the belt’s motion caused by friction etc, and design a belt conveyors synthesized testing system, the aim of the system is to test stimulant coefficient of friction under more type conveyors and more operating modes. Measurement and control of the system is based on VI(Virtual Instrument) software——LabVIEW, and in consequence it simplifies the hardware of the system, it also enhances human-computer interaction of the system’s operational interface.
Authors: Jun Qi Wang, Shu Jung Chen, Chih Hsiung Shen
Abstract: A new modified infrared tracking sensor array with spatial filter is proposed, which identifies the locations and sizes of thermal object efficiently with the winner-take-all (WTA) circuit and a low offset correlated double sampling (CDS) circuit. The winner-take-all (WTA) circuit is used in combination with active readout circuit for thermopile array. In this circuit, thermal image intensity has been chosen for the input saliency map. The removal process is performed by zeroing the values of the thermal image background intensity levels, so only the potential thermal objects of interest are compared by the WTA. The offset reduction with CDS technique enhances the sensitivity of winner-take-all (WTA) circuit and shows a sharp selectivity which makes it possible to pick up only one winner pixel from each thermal object. In order to simulate and present the infrared thermal sensor array in this paper, the sensor array is integrated by using a 2P4M 0.35μm standard CMOS technology. This proposed architecture shows a high resolution with two orders higher than the circuits without CDS. The results have shown that integrated thermopile array with WTA and CDS can approach a high level of development, reliability and easy for high accuracy infrared tracking applications.
Authors: Huer Sun, Zhao Jian Yang, Qun Long Liang, Xin Yu Pang
Abstract: In rotor-bearing system running, vibration signals measured were an kind of Multi-vibration source signals which is overlapping each other. These overlapping signals were difficult to be separated by the ordinary methods, which is adverse to precisely estimate faults of rotor-bearing system in running. In this paper, a test rig was set up to simulate mis-alignment faults; collected vibration signals of bearings were decomposed and reconstructed by algorithm of Mallat. Reconstructed signal can reflect detail character s of bearings vibration. And vibration signals characteristics of fault rotor were effectively identified.
Authors: Qun Long Liang, Zhao Jian Yang, Huer Sun, Xin Yu Pang
Abstract: In the rotor-bearing system fault diagnosis, the data mainly come from bearing vibration monitoring. When investigators studied the coupled flexural and torsional vibration, they only took into account the bending vibration, the torsional vibration and swinging vibration. But it’s plagiohedral for them to only monitor bearing vibration signals. This paper presents a circumferential loading system which the torque is imposed on the rotor - bearing system by couplings. On the system we studied the disturbance of rotor-bearing system caused by circumferential loading torque, and observed that the bearing vibration response was inconsistent with the bearing load changes. This provided a new basis for the rotor-bearing system fault diagnosis.
Authors: Zhi Gang Huang, Pin Gang Liu, Xian Fu Cheng
Abstract: Due to the smallness of micro-motion parallel manipulators’ work spaces, the installation of sensors for the measurement of location and orientation is very difficult. To overcome this disadvantage, a measuring method is deliverd in this paper based on the binocular vision principle. Utilizing corresponding relationship between the image coordinate and the world coordinate, some essential information of characteristic point is extracted from two corresponding images. A model for detecting the location and the orientation of 3-DOF micro-motion worktable is established based on characteristic points’ matching consideration. The method of solving the location and orientation problem has such merits as small information content, small computation, high processing speed, less time consuming, and so on. So, it is fit for dynamic measurement. The measure system is composed of two high-resolution vidicons, high-speed image acquisition card, industrial PC and the related software. The correlative error is analyzed in the measuring process . Some countermeasures are proposed to minimize the adverse influence of error at the same time. The technologies used are comparatively mature and the prices of equipment used are moderate in the whole measuring solution. All of these factors help to realize and popularize the solution in the industry environment conveniently.
Authors: Kyeong Suk Kim, Dong Pyo Hong, Man Yong Choi, Hyun Chul Jung, Dong Soo Kim, Sung Won La, Ho Seob Chang
Abstract: The objective of this paper is measurement of the surface roughness of tensile specimens under different tensile speed. In the test, the tensile specimens were loaded by tensile testing machine. The roughness of the surfaces was measured by digital holographic interferometric system (DHI). From the results, it was confirmed that DHI could measure the roughness of the various types of the specimen surface. In this paper, as the tensile speed was faster, the roughness of specimen surface was smaller.
Authors: Fei Xin Huang, Hai Bo Jiang, Chun Gen Wei, Shi Wu Ouyang, Xiang Long
Abstract: Anchorages are the most important structure in the bridge’s rehabilitation engineering under external prestressing load, whose stress distribution is complex, it is necessary to carry out a detailed and careful structure analysis of anchorages. The inspection and strengthening design of an extra-large Bridge in Dongpu of Guangzhou City was taken for the background in the paper, the longitudinal stress, transverse stress and vertical stress of the end anchorage were given before and after adding concrete block, through finite element analysis of the end anchorage under larger prestressing load and the results of calculation of the anchorage were analyzed, it was showed that the strengthened effect of the end anchorage had been very obvious after concrete block was added. At the same time it was found that there were still some deficiencies on the end anchorage after concrete was added and the suggestions of the local strengthening of the end anchorage were proposed. It is helpful and referenced for the design of similar anchorage.

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