Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: An Hua Peng

Abstract: Mechanical motion appraisal contains many-sided contents such as technical performance and economic one, which may be have much uncertain...

Authors: Li Jun Zhao, Guo Jun Li, Ji Hai Jiang

Abstract: According to the running characteristic of an aircraft tractor and the specificity of serve target, the hybrid hydraulic system program is...

Authors: Tian Hou Zhang, Chang Chun Li, Shi Feng Wang

Abstract: According to the features of material bag image, the paper compares an analyzes the detection effects of different edge detection operators...

Authors: Jing Hong Yao

Abstract: The exhaust device of steam turbine usually establishes vacuum rapidly using steam injection. The gas of the nozzle of the exhaust mixing...

Authors: Zhan Sheng Liu, Zhi Hua Chen

Abstract: In order to study the impact of various cables expansion coefficients on the reliability of the prestressed steel structure, a finite...

Authors: Shou Jun Wang, Liang Liang Luan, Rong Sheng Song, Jun Yi Li

Abstract: The design of mechanical system for harbor basin wave maker is introduced in this article. The installation form of wave maker is ground to...

Authors: Jia Hao, Yan Yan, Jian Jun Lin, Li Chen Hu, Mei Zhang

Abstract: To promote the efficiency of product development, the accumulated knowledge resources is studied in this article. At the beginning, to...

Authors: Mei Yan Wang, Lian Guan Shen, Yi Min Deng

Abstract: Conceptual design is a critical design phase during which initial design solutions, called design concepts, are developed. These design...

Authors: Fu Ying Zhang, Qing Qing Zhang, Ping Wang

Abstract: The dynamic seal mechanism of hydrodynamic reciprocating sealing is discussed. TRIZ S-Field model and standard solutions is proposed. The...

Authors: De Sheng Wen, Yue Zhong Zhang, Jiang Bo Sun, Li Bin Du, Yong An Li, Shi Jun Lv, Peng Yang, Yi Shan Liu

Abstract: Through the research of closed-circuit type, semi-open type, all open-circuit type multistage series axial ram pump , we analysis flow...


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