Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ling Zhou, Wei Guang An, Hai An

Abstract: Supercavitating vehicles which cruise at a certain depth with high underwater velocity undergo high longitudinal force and circumferential...

Authors: Xiang Yang Mao, Feng Fang, Jian Qing Jiang, Rong Sheng Tan

Abstract: During manufacturing Cu-30Ni alloy condenser tube, the defects such as crack were fatal to the successive processing operations. The cause...

Authors: Dan Sheng Wang, Ying Bo Zhang, Hai Ping Yang, Hong Ping Zhu

Abstract: In recent two decades, the issues on structural damage detection and health monitoring have been paid considerable attention in mechanical...

Authors: Qi Zhao, Meng Zhang, Jia Li, Yan Ru Chen

Abstract: A new method is proposed for recognizing patterns of the steelmaking process based on the light intensity from the mouth of converter. By...

Authors: Fu Bao Li, Hui Lin Wang, Qin Li, De Xi Wang

Abstract: A new type of sewage treatment experimental device is designed, and so is its main equipment-impinging stream reactor. The advantages of...

Authors: Yan Li Cao, Xiao Huo Li, Yong Dong Sha, Hong Mei Liu

Abstract: In order to obtain the continuous miner cutting ability of picks and its adaptability to coal, the average cutting force of continuous miner...

Authors: Yao Hui Zhang, Cun Bao Zhao, Shi Tong Chen

Abstract: In China, the high-speed railway construction is growing rapidly currently. As laying the high-speed railways’ track plates accurately is an...

Authors: Yun Bo Shi, Qiu Lin Tan, Qiong Zhang, Jun Liu

Abstract: A micro-mechanic gyroscope design, which is used electrostatic comb driven, grid structure and capacitive detection, as well as its working...

Authors: Zhi Xiang Li, Zhi Hui Li, Yi Li, Wei Wang

Abstract: In view of the existing pipe cleaning robot does not have the self-adaptive capacity to variable diameter pipelines and the whipping...

Authors: Dong Jing, Hui Xu

Abstract: In this paper a novel self-adaptive remnant vibration suppression method using interior inlay viscous fluid unit (IVFUM) has been...


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