Advanced Materials and Engineering

Volume 983

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Gao, Chun Guang Song, Dan Rong, Yu Wen Ji

Abstract: Gangue as flame retardant was used to PVC, the mechanical properties and flame retardance of the samples were studied. The resultant data...

Authors: Jiang Yang, Yi Ning Zhou, Yong Jun Lu, Wei Xiang Cui, Xiao Hui Qiu, Bao Shan Guan, Yun Hong Ding

Abstract: A novel smart gel based on interpenetrating network of anionic polymer and surfactant was investigated. A supramolecular assembly structured...

Authors: Thar M. Badri Albarody, Zahiraniza Bt Mustaffa, Mohd Shahir Liew

Abstract: Offshore industry has been welcoming to composite material for its saliences. Features such as corrosion and temperature resistance,...

Authors: Xiao Liang Fang, Wei Fang Zhang, Hong Xun Wang

Abstract: Piezoelectric material which can be used as both sensor and drive is an important kind of smart material. Studies on piezoelectric materials...

Authors: Yu He Cheng, Biao Zhang, Shang Jiang Dai, Han Lin Tong, Li Xia Li

Abstract: A series of polystyrene-supported 1-(propyl-3-sulfonate)-3-methy-imidazolium hydrosulfate acidic ionic liquid...

Authors: Nan Wu, Qing Hua Chen, Wei Ming Zhou, Mei Zhen Ke, Qing Rong Qian, Zhan Hui Yuan

Abstract: The SiO2-coated α-Al2O3 pearlescent pigment was prepared by liquid phase deposition (LPD). The effects of...

Authors: Han Yong Jeon

Abstract: 8 Geotextiles (; 4 woven and 4 nonwoven types), 4 geogrids and 2 geocomposites of [nonwoven/fibers/nonwoven] structure were used as raw...

Authors: M. A. Alaa, Kamal Yusoh, S.F. Hasany

Abstract: Petroleum based polyurethanes are contributing major portions in the world requirement. To overcome the environmental issues and price...

Authors: Han Yong Jeon

Abstract: Swelling behaviors of powder and granular type sodium bentonites in permeate solutions such as NaCl, KCl, MgCl2, CaCl2, distilled water and...


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