Tailored Mechanical Properties and Residual Stresses of a-C:H:W Coatings


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In this study, three different a-C:H:W coatings with predefined hardness values, ranging from 10 up to 16 GPa, were deposited by adjusting bias voltage according to a previously created regression model. For this purpose, the influence of the main process parameters of the used reactive unbalanced magnetron sputtering process on the mechanical properties of the a-C:H:W coating was investigated previously by nanoindentation. For a systematical evaluation of the single effects, parameters were varied according to a central composite design. The three coating variants of this study were investigated in terms of microstructure, mechanical properties and residual stresses. It turned out, that by the use of the regression model, a-C:H:W coatings with tailored mechanical properties can be deposited. Residual stresses were measured by means of focused ion beam milling of a double-slit geometry, which causes the internal stresses to relax, and mapping of the resultant relief strain by digital image correlation. A linear relation between the applied bias voltage and the hardness, the modulus of the coating as well as the determined relief strain was observed. Thus, residual stresses of the coatings increase disproportionately with applied bias voltage. The obtained results can be helpful for tailored coating design and further optimization of a-C:H:W coatings.



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M. François, G. Montay, B. Panicaud, D. Retraint and E. Rouhaud






C. Schmid et al., "Tailored Mechanical Properties and Residual Stresses of a-C:H:W Coatings", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 996, pp. 14-21, 2014

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August 2014


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