Residual Stress State in Oxide Dispersive Steel due to Irradiation by Swift Heavy Ions


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Oxide dispersive steel is a promising material for next nuclear reactors generation. Performance of this material in nuclear reactor can be modeled by means of irradiation by swift Bi ions, which are typical nuclear fusion products. Radiation damage results in microstructure alternation leading to formation of micro and macro stresses that influence the material performance. The residual stress state of ferrite matrix of the steel is investigated by XRD methodic and dependence on the irradiation dose is analyzed.



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M. François, G. Montay, B. Panicaud, D. Retraint and E. Rouhaud




V. V. Uglov et al., "Residual Stress State in Oxide Dispersive Steel due to Irradiation by Swift Heavy Ions", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 996, pp. 22-26, 2014

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August 2014


* - Corresponding Author

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