In Situ Observation of Stress Accumulation during Sub-Merged Arc Welding


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Results obtained from laboratory tests mostly need to be verified under fabrication conditions in order to incorporate design specifics (joint configuration and restraint), which effect the residual stress state considerably. For this purpose, multi-pass sub merged arc welding was performed in a special large-scale testing facility. The impact of varying interpass temperatures could be proven in-situ by means of a pronounced stress accumulation during welding and subsequent heat treatment accompanied by stress determination using X-ray diffraction.



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M. François, G. Montay, B. Panicaud, D. Retraint and E. Rouhaud




A. Kromm and T. Kannengiesser, "In Situ Observation of Stress Accumulation during Sub-Merged Arc Welding", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 996, pp. 417-423, 2014

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August 2014


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