Residual Stresses IX

Volume 996

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Andrzej Baczmański, Elżbieta Gadalińska, Sebastian Wroński, Chedly Braham, Wilfrid Seiler, Manuel François, Lea le Joncour, Benoit Panicaud, Thomas Buslaps, Houda Yahyaoui, Habib Sidhom, Yu Chen Zhao

Abstract: Owing to its selectivity, diffraction is a powerful tool for analysing the mechanical behaviour of polycrystalline materials at the...

Authors: Yuriy Perlovich, Margarita Isaenkova, Evgeniy Zharikov, Olga Krymskaya

Abstract: The X-ray method of Generalized Pole Figures was used by study of residual deformation effects in steel shell tubes for high-temperature...

Authors: Youichi Saito, Shunichiro Tanaka

Abstract: The residual stress tensor for cracked austenitic stainless steel was measured by a two-dimensional X-ray diffraction method. Higher von...

Authors: Shigeru Suzuki, Shigeo Sato, Koji Hotta, Eui Pyo Kwon, Shun Fujieda, Kozo Shinoda, Kentaro Kajiwara, Masugu Sato

Abstract: White X-ray diffraction with micro-beam synchrotron radiation was used to analyze microscopic stress evolved in coarse grains of a...

Authors: Nicholas Norberg, Arnold C. Vermeulen

Abstract: Collecting reliable data is crucial in the research of residual stresses in thin films using X-ray diffraction. The parallel beam geometry...

Authors: Marianna Marciszko, Andrzej Baczmański, Mirosław Wróbel, Wilfrid Seiler, Chedly Braham, Krzysztof Wierzbanowski

Abstract: The multireflection grazing incident X-ray diffraction (MGIXD) is used to determine a stress gradient in thin surface layers (about 1-20 μm...

Authors: Frederico Augusto Pires Fernandes, Thomas L. Christiansen, Marcel A.J. Somers

Abstract: The present work deals with the evaluation of the residual-stress profile in expanded-austenite by successive removal steps using GI-XRD....

Authors: Andrei Benediktovitch, Tatjana Ulyanenkova, Jozef Keckes, Alex Ulyanenkov

Abstract: X-ray residual stress analysis is a widespread nondestructive technique to investigate the residual stress and residual stress gradient in...

Authors: Charlie Kahloun, R. Badji, S. Queyreau, P. Franciosi, Brigitte Bacroix

Abstract: X-ray stress analysis suffers from homogeneity limitations of the stress field in the analyzed volume. When this homogeneity is not...

Authors: Rasha Alkaisee, Ru Lin Peng

Abstract: For X-Ray Diffraction Measurement of Depth Profiles of Residual Stress, Step-Wise Removal of Materials has to be Done to Expose the...


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