Residual Stresses IX

Volume 996

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Eric Wasniewski, Baptiste Honnart, Fabien Lefebvre, Eric Usmial

Abstract: Laboratory X-ray diffraction is commonly used for surface residual stresses determination. Nevertheless, the in-depth residual stress...

Authors: Robert Charles Wimpory, Mirko Boin

Abstract: All aspects of instrument control, data acquisition, simulation and analysis are expected to merge in the future. For instance real time...

Authors: Alexander Liehr, Manuela Klaus, Wolfgang Zinn, C. Genzel, Berthold Scholtes

Abstract: In the past decade energy-dispersive (ED) synchrotron diffraction has evolved into a powerful tool for materials analysis. Recording...

Authors: Mirko Boin, Robert Charles Wimpory, Robin Woracek

Abstract: A simulation of realistic samples within a neutron scattering or imaging experiment has been created in order to support the accuracy,...

Authors: Dubravka Sisak Jung, Lasse Suominen, Jari Parantainen, Christoph Hoermann

Abstract: MYTHEN is a single-photon-counting strip detector. Its main features are high spatial resolution, zero noise, fluorescence suppression, fast...

Authors: Bob B. He

Abstract: Two-dimensional X-ray diffraction pattern can be described by the diffraction intensity distribution in both 2θ and γ directions. The 2D...

Authors: Balder Ortner

Abstract: It is shown that the knowledge of standard deviations (Δσij ) of the components of a stress tensor (σij) is not...

Authors: Fabien Lefebvre, E. Wasniewski, Manuel François, J. Cacot, P. Le-Bec, E. Baumhauer, D. Bouscaud, T. Bergey, D. Blaize, D. Gloaguen, A. Cosson, S. Jegou, Y. Cheynet, S. Leray, M. Meheux, J.C. Monvoisin, P. Allain, J.C. Vidal, J.M. Sprauel, P. Goudeau, C. Charles, L. Daflon, C. Fischer, L. Desmas, A. Ouakka, M.J. Moya, Y. Bordiec, H. Hamdi

Abstract: The GFAC (French Association for residual stress analysis) has been working for several years on external reference samples in relation with...

Authors: Bernd Eigenmann

Abstract: In recent years, the demand for high spatial resolution in X-ray residual stress analysis has drastically increased. The locations of...

Authors: Michael B. Prime, Michael L. Steinzig

Abstract: Residual stress measurement techniques can be categorized as either relaxation or diffraction methods. Practitioners often advocate a...


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