Residual Stresses IX

Volume 996

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Harry E. Coules, David J. Smith, Karim H.A. Serasli

Abstract: By finding stress states which are consistent both with any existing experimental measurements and with elasticity theory, residual stress...

Authors: Ho Kyeom Kim, Martyn J. Pavier, Anton Shterenlikht

Abstract: Two common problems of mechanical strain relaxation(MSR) residual stress measurement methods are investigated in this work:(1) assumption of...

Authors: Venancio Martínez-García, Martin Wenzelburger, Andreas Killinger, Giancarlo Pedrini, Rainer Gadow, Wolfgang Osten

Abstract: A new approach in hole-drilling residual stress analysis is described, applying a laser for quasi non-destructive material removal by laser...

Authors: Frank Schweizer, Marius Dickele, Michael Luke

Abstract: The incremental hole-drilling method was adapted for the measurement of residual stresses in polymer based composite materials. The...

Authors: João P. Nobre, Miguel Oliveira, Armando Albertazzi, Matias Viotti, António Castanhola Batista, Luís Coelho, Maria J. Marques

Abstract: The incremental hole-drilling technique was applied to determine residual stress profiles in shot-peened steel layers. The accuracy of using...

Authors: Kamil Kolařík, Zdenek Pala, Nikolaj Ganev, Frantisek Fojtik

Abstract: LLocalized laser hardening of steel surfaces performed with optimal parameters not only hardens the surface layer, but is also capable of...

Authors: Esther Held, Simone Schuster, Jens Gibmeier

Abstract: The incremental hole-drilling method is a widely used technique to determine residual stress depth profiles in technical components. Its...

Authors: Jörn Niehuesbernd, Enrico Bruder, Clemens Müller

Abstract: Metal forming processes often involve large strain gradients which results in heterogeneous deformation and consequently residual stresses....

Authors: Jaroslav Václavík, Otakar Weinberg

Abstract: The review and some experiences are given from measurement and evaluations of residual stresses on large shaft forgings and rail axles using...

Authors: Yann Serra, Xavier Ficquet, Ed Kingston

Abstract: The hole drilling technique is probably the most widely used residual stress measurement technique. The ASTM E837 standard covers hole...


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