Frontiers of Chemical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering and Materials III

Volume 997

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xian Hua Qiu, Xiang Yu Su, Xue Jun Li, Na Li

Abstract: Taking Ce (NO3)3•6H2O as cerium source, CeO2 nanosheets, CeO2 nanorods and...

Authors: Li Jun Xiang, Shuang Kou Chen, Jin Hai Yuan

Abstract: To gain good environmental reagent with no or lower phosphor in controlling corrosion and scale inhibition. We have researched the following...

Authors: Xi Chao Chen, Yan Yang, Fang Hua Yin, Ran Xu, Long Yao Wang

Abstract: The paper is about synthesizing the 2-ethylhexyl nitrate (2-EHN) with nitric acid and 2-Ethyl hexanol as raw materials and sulfuric acid as...

Authors: Xiang Qin Li, Ke Dong Song, Tian Qing Liu

Abstract: Aim: BMSCs cultivation in vitro under three-dimensional (3D) dynamic conditions. Methods: a novel bioreactor system without shear stress...

Authors: Ling Yun Li, Yi Miao Lin, Ji Wei Hu

Abstract: Neutral PBDEs congeners and their corresponding radical anions were studied with the pseudopotential method of stuttgart group (SDD)...

Authors: Tian Lei Wang, Xiao Juan Liu, Mei Tang Liu, Hong Wen Ma, Lin Lin

Abstract: A novel aminotriacetic acid (NTA) intercalated MgAl-LDHs have been successfully synthesized by anion exchange method with...

Authors: Jian Ting Ning, Jun Rui Wu, Xi Qing Yue

Abstract: The lactose content in the raw milk by colorimetry was introduced in the paper.On the single-factor experiment basis, it used response...

Authors: Ya Bing Liu, Peng Yu

Abstract: A new supramolecular compound, [Co (en)3]2[H3PMo8V6O42]∙5H2O...

Authors: Tian Tian Zhang, Hong Ya Li, Hong Yu Zhou, Hai Ling Sun

Abstract: The effect of solvents on ethanolysis of SPC was investigated. Heptane, cyclohexanethe, ether and MTBE were selected because of their...


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