Fabrication of Micro Three Dimensional Structures by Two Photon Polymerization with SiO/Resin


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In this paper we presented the synthesis of TEOS with photoresist in order to use it like a hybrid material for 3D printer on the micrometer scale by means of the two-photon polymerization process, in which two photon are absorbed simultaneously by the material using an ultrafast laser causing its polymerization. We analyzed the mix of TEOS and photoresist with UV-VIS and FTIR spectrometers, checking that complies with two important conditions: has an optical transmission at 780 nm and absorbs at 390 nm. Finally we fabricated micro-structures with a new hybrid material; TEOS does not absorb the laser in this system and does not interfere with the formation of a three-dimensional structure. After formation the 3D microstructure, samples were heated to form the SiO. These samples of microstructures were observed under digital microscope and SEM.



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Pietro Vincenzini




M. G. del R. Herrera Salazar et al., "Fabrication of Micro Three Dimensional Structures by Two Photon Polymerization with SiO/Resin", Advances in Science and Technology, Vol. 100, pp. 93-99, 2017

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October 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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