7th Forum on New Materials - Part E

Volume 101

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.101

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Authors: Lucia Faravelli, Fabio Casciati

Abstract: A model order reduction (MOR) technique for linear dynamic systems is extended to allow the integration of nonlinear components. The main...

Authors: Vicenç Torra, Sara Casciati, Michele Vece

Abstract: The use of Shape Memory Alloys in dampers devices able to reduce the wind, rain or traffic induced oscillations in stayed cables is well...

Authors: Blazej Poplawski, Cezary Graczykowski, Łukasz Jankowski

Abstract: In recent years, vibration damping strategies based on semi-active management of strain energy have attracted a large interest and were...

Authors: Ikuo Yamamoto

Abstract: The author has developed many kinds of robotic fishes based on elastic oscillating fin propulsion system from 1989. The presentation...

Authors: William Greenwood, Hao Zhou, Jerome P. Lynch, Dimitrios Zekkos

Abstract: The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is a light weight flight system that can carry sensors and cameras for data collection. Tremendous...

Authors: Dimitris Saravanos, Theodoros Machairas, Alex Solomou, Anargyros Karakalas

Abstract: Shape memory alloys (SMA) provide common solid state actuators with reliable and unique characteristics. Their special behavior is based on...

Authors: Xu Chao Chen, Zhi Qiang Cao, Yue Quan Yang, Chao Zhou

Abstract: A vision-based fuzzy controller for a quadrotor is proposed in this paper to realize ground target tracking. Due to the under-actuated...

Authors: Lawren L. Gamble, Daniel J. Inman

Abstract: Aircraft morphing with regard to UAVs has recently gained incredible momentum; however, only a limited amount of research has been conducted...

Authors: Łukasz Jankowski, Cezary Graczykowski, Piotr Pawłowski, Grzegorz Mikułowski, Marian Ostrowski, Blazej Poplawski, Rami Faraj, Grzegorz Suwała, Jan Holnicki-Szulc

Abstract: This contribution reviews the challenges in adaptive self-protection of structures. A proper semi-active control strategy can significantly...

Authors: Clemente Fuggini, Ivan Tesfai

Abstract: GALILEO together with EGNOS will provide more robust positioning capability enhancing the adoption of satellite technologies in services...


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