Dispersion Properties of Polymer Encapsulated TiO2 Nano-Powders in Low Dielectric Solvents


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An electrophoretic solution using TiO2 nano particles is the most promising candidate in electronic paper industry because it offers various advantages such as ink-on-paper appearance, good contrast ratio, wide viewing angle, image stability in the off-state and extremely low power consumption. To prepare an electrophoretic solution of TiO2 nano particles with low apparent gravity for electronic paper, TiO2 powders were mixed with polyethylene powders using high energy planetary-mill in cyclohexane with low dielectric constant and transparency. The zeta-potential value of raw TiO2 particles in cyclohexane was measured about -80mV but that of polyethylene-coated TiO2 particles by milling was measured over -110mV, with showing good dispersibility by surfactant attached to them. Thus it was possible to control surface charge on the TiO2 particle by using optimum amount of surfactant after polyethylene coating on them for enhancement of dispersion stability.



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J.H. Kim et al., "Dispersion Properties of Polymer Encapsulated TiO2 Nano-Powders in Low Dielectric Solvents", Advances in Science and Technology, Vol. 45, pp. 368-373, 2006

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October 2006




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