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Authors: Jun He, Mike W. Finnis, Elizabeth C. Dickey, Susan B. Sinnott
Abstract:TiO2 has been intensively studied as a wide band-gap transition metal oxide partially due to the multi-valence nature of its cation. Here,...
Authors: Matthias Heyrman, Christian Chatillon
Abstract:In many elaboration furnaces, ceramics are used with other materials in vacuum atmospheres. If temperatures are sufficiently high,...
Authors: Matvei Zinkevich
Abstract:This paper shows how phase equilibria and thermodynamic properties of various multicomponent oxide systems can be represented with the use...
Authors: Giovanni Baldi, Valentina Dami, V. Faso
Abstract:A formulation belonging to the CaO-MgO-SiO2-Al2O3 system was characterized in order to found a monophase system based on indialite...
Authors: L.K.L. Falk, Yvonne Menke, Stuart Hampshire
Abstract:Five-component B-phase may be readily formed through the nucleation and crystallisation heat treatment of nitrogen-rich parent glasses with...
Authors: A.G. Merzhanov
Abstract:The nature of SHS process was studied, and conditions under which equilibrium and non-equilibrium regimes take place for wave propagation...
Authors: Cyril Condolf, Armand Gabriel, Alexander Pisch, Claude Carry
Abstract:Sintering of nickel ferrite is strongly enhanced by carbonaceous debinding. It is shown that this effect can be easily explained through...
Authors: Guillaume Bernard-Granger, Christian Guizard
Abstract:The sintering map of an ultra fine and ultra pure α-alumina powder, doped with MO and DO2 (M for mono-valence cations, D for bi-valence...
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