11th International Ceramics Congress

Volume 45

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.45

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Authors: Samuel Bernard, Koffi Fiaty, David Cornu, Philippe Miele

Abstract: The kinetic investigation of the solid-state decomposition of a typical melt-spinnable poly[B-(methylamino)borazine] into boron nitride...

Authors: W. Nuansing, S. Maensiri

Abstract: This paper reports on the fabrication of nanofibres of ceramic compounds using electrospinning technique. In a typical process, ceramic...

Authors: Ludwig J. Gauckler, Kurosch Rezwan

Abstract: Protein adsorption onto metal oxide surfaces is an essential aspect of the cascade of biological reactions taking place at all interfaces...

Authors: L. Rozes, G. Fornasieri, C. Sanchez

Abstract: Titanium-oxo clusters are employed as inorganic nanobuilding blocks in order to obtain new organic-inorganic hybrid materials. Nanobuilding...

Authors: Kazuki Nakanishi, Kazuyoshi Kanamori

Abstract: Organic-inorganic hybrid monoliths with well-defined macropores and/or mesopores have been synthesized by a sol-gel process accompanied by...

Authors: Jin Ho Choy, Jae Min Oh, Soo Jin Choi

Abstract: We were quite successful in demonstrating that two-dimensional inorganic compounds like anionic and cationic clays can be used as gene or...

Authors: S.J. Hwang, T.W. Kim

Abstract: We have synthesized for the first time efficient visible light active photocatalysts of porous MOx-Ti1.83O4 (M = Ni, Cr) heterostructure...

Authors: Felix Bauer, Achim Müller, Anna Wojtkowiak, Monika Willert-Porada

Abstract: It is known, that by addition of zirconium layered phosphate (ZP) to perfluorinated sulfonic acid ionomers (PFSA), the proton conductivity...

Authors: Olga A. Shilova

Abstract: Technically useful hybrid micro- and nanocomposite materials might be prepared by solgel processing. Inorganic dopants (acids, metal salts)...

Authors: Shunkichi Ueno, Li Ming Lin, Hideo Nakajima

Abstract: A new fabrication method of porous ceramics using unidirectional solidification was proposed in this paper and the role of silica additive...


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