11th International Ceramics Congress

Volume 45

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.45

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Authors: Takeshi Okutani, Hideaki Nagai, M. Mamiya, Martin Castillo

Abstract: Tb-2Fe and Sm-2Fe molten alloys with a 1:2 molar ratio were unidirectionally solidified separately in microgravity and normal gravity in...

Authors: Hitoshi Sumiya

Abstract: High-purity, single-phase polycrystalline diamond and cBN have been successfully synthesized by direct conversion sintering from graphite...

Authors: D. Souriou, P. Goeuriot, O. Bonnefoy, G. Thomas, S. Drapier, Stephane Bourdin, Ludovic Lazzarotto

Abstract: Ceramic compacts can be usually prepared by uniaxial pressing in a die made of stainless steel, but the pressure applied is limited and...

Authors: S. Paranin, Victor Ivanov, Alexey Nikonov, A. Spirin, Vladimir Khrustov, S. Ivin, A. Kaygorodov, P. Korolev

Abstract: An influence of aggregation degree of alumina nanopowder and of radial magnetic pulsed compaction conditions on the powder densification...

Authors: Levan Japaridze, Akaki B. Peikrishvili, Laszlo J. Kecskes, Elguja Chagelishvili, Bradley R. Klotz, Justin E. Pritchett, Bagrat Godibadze

Abstract: WC + Ni-clad Al, Ni(Al), powder mixtures were formed into cylindrical rods or tubes using a hot explosive consolidation (HEC) process....

Authors: C. Zanotti, G. Riva, P. Giuliani, G. Daminelli, A. Reggiori

Abstract: Powder consolidation using a shock compression apparatus is a potential method for the processing of bulk materials. Two-stage gasdynamic...

Authors: Keijiro Hiraga, Byung Nam Kim, Koji Morita, Tohru Suzuki, Yoshio Sakka

Abstract: Factors limiting the strain rate of superplastic deformation in oxide ceramics are discussed from existing knowledge about the mechanisms...

Authors: Yury A. Gordopolov, Nail G. Zaripov, Larissa V. Gordopolova

Abstract: The microstructure evolution during high-temperature deformation at (a) high strain rates and low strains (dynamic densification, shock...

Authors: Chao Nan Xu, C. Li, Y. Imai, H. Yamada, Y. Adachi, K. Nishikubo

Abstract: Recently we have proposed that stress distribution of a subject can be visualized by utilizing a novel mechanoluminescence phenomenon that...

Authors: Jeffrey M. Biser, Jason T. Perkins, Hong Wei Li, Helen M. Chan, Richard P. Vinci

Abstract: It has recently been demonstrated that it is possible to produce a pristine surface layer on a lapped sapphire substrate by depositing a...


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