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Authors: It Meng Low
Abstract:The oxidation behaviour of Ti3SiC2 in air is not well understood due to mixed results reported in the literature. In this study, the surface...
Authors: Robert W. Zimmerman, Melanie P. Lutz
Authors: Alessandra Costabile, Vincenzo M. Sglavo
Abstract:Ceramic laminates with different architecture have been produced and characterized in this work. Thickness of single layers, composition and...
Authors: Alexandre Velhinho, Francisco Manuel Braz Fernandes, S.C. Ferreira, L.A. Rocha, Gerard Vignoles, P. Cloetens
Abstract:This paper provides a brief overview of the possibilities offered by X-ray computed microtomography, and particularly synchrotron radiation...
Authors: Hai Tao Wang
Abstract:This paper concerns the determination of stress concentration in piezoelectric ceramic multilayer actuators when they are subjected to...
Authors: Fumio Watari, Susan Liao, Atsuro Yokoyama, Mamoru Omori, Noboru Ohata
Abstract:Functionally graded materials (FGM) were fabricated for bio-medical applications, (1) implants, (2) dental core and post, (3) guided tissue...
Authors: Jing Feng Li, Huai Quan Zhang
Abstract:The electrodes for solar thermoelectric modules require high thermal conductivity in the thickness direction and high electrical...
Authors: Soshu Kirihara, Yoshinari Miyamoto
Abstract:Three-dimensional electromagnetic or photonic crystals with periodic variations of the dielectric constants were fabricated by using a rapid...
Authors: Ji Lin, A.O. Kunrath, D. Zhong, S. Myers, Brajendra Mishra, John J. Moore
Abstract:The paper will present the methodology used to design optimized die coatings employed in material forming processes in an effort to extend...
Authors: E. Uhlmann, T. Hühns, S. Richarz, Walter Reimers, S. Grigoriev
Abstract:Ceramics are characterized by their special wear and temperature resistance. Thus, they are especially suited for the cutting of...
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