11th International Ceramics Congress

Volume 45

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.45

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Authors: Duncan A. Broughton, P.F. Towndrow, W.G. Slater, R.P. Awbery, Jonathan S. Joy, K.J. Bartram, D.M. Grant, C.J. Parkes, J. Wade

Abstract: AWE is a world center of excellence in lithium hydride technology and has 50 years of experience in research, characterisation and...

Authors: Kuo Tong Lee, Chin Bin Huang, Pranesh B. Aswath

Abstract: For application of high-temperature structural materials, in-situ Si3N4 reinforced BAS composites have been explored. The main drawback for...

Authors: B. Akin, S.R. Kushan, Hasan Mandal

Abstract: In the present work, multi-cation doped (Sr2+-Mn4+) SiAlON ceramics were investigated. The mixture was sintered at in a gas pressure...

Authors: Janina Setina

Abstract: Cordierite was obtained from the mixture of aluminum hydroxide, sand, different magnesium compounds by a solid-state reaction method. The...

Authors: V. Cantavella, A. Mezquita, Arnaldo Moreno, G. Silva, J. Barberá

Abstract: During the cooling of ceramic materials stresses arise that cause flows of material. These flows lead to residual stresses in the materials...

Authors: Maria Iuga, Friedrich Raether

Abstract: Many ceramic materials are composed of various phases, which can differ in their individual thermal, elastic or electrical properties by...

Authors: George Gogotsi

Abstract: Fracture resistance of ceramics is evaluated by flaking off the specimen edge and chip scar surfaces are examined. The fracture resistance...

Authors: Zdeněk Chlup, Ivo Dlouhy

Abstract: Each material has some limiting factors for its massive use in structural applications. It holds in the case of brittle materials all the...

Authors: W. Pabst, Eva Gregorová

Abstract: The cross-property relations between the elastic moduli and the thermal conductivity of porous ceramics are reviewed from the viewpoint of...

Authors: Tsukio Ohtani, A. Obana, K. Harada

Abstract: Quasi-one-dimensional sulfide BaVS3 is known to show a metal-to-semiconductor transition at ~70 K. In this study we investigated the...


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