11th International Ceramics Congress

Volume 45

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.45

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Authors: Teodoro Valente, Cecilia Bartuli, Giovanni Pulci

Abstract: Next generation of reusable launch vehicles and new hypersonic space vehicle concepts are currently under development, moving from...

Authors: Daniela Herman

Abstract: The paper presents results of investigations on the application of glass-ceramic to bonding the CBN grains into abrasive composite. The...

Authors: Ian W. Donald, Brian L. Metcalfe, Lee A. Gerrard, Shirley K. Fong

Abstract: This is a preliminary investigation aimed at assessing the influence of individual metallic elements on the sealing characteristics of...

Authors: Marija Mihailovic, Tatjana Volkov-Husović, Karlo Raic

Abstract: The wetting as a multi scale phenomenon, including micro- and nano-scale aspects, is considered to be the essential step in the evaluation...

Authors: Shmulik Barzilai, M. Lomberg, Natascha Froumin, N. Frage

Abstract: The wettability of calcium fluoride by liquid Ga and Ge was studied. The initial contact angles indicate that pure liquid Ge and Ga do not...

Authors: W. Olesinska, D. Kalinski, M. Chmielewski

Abstract: The paper presents the results concerning the formation of a ‘barrier’ layer on AlN ceramic during its joining with copper by the Copper...

Authors: V. Cazajus, B. Lorrain, H. Welemane, Moussa Karama

Abstract: The framework of this study is the thermo-mechanical analysis of the brazing process of ceramic metal assemblies. The thermal expansion...

Authors: Zbigniew Jurasz, Janusz Juraszek

Abstract: The results of residual stresses in biocompatible cast Ni-Cr alloys-ceramics joints with an intermediate layer with thickness of about 10μm...

Authors: K.M. Knowles

Abstract: The state of knowledge of anodic bonding is reviewed, paying particular attention to the creation of intimate contact and to the...

Authors: S.M. Hong, T. Akashi, J.T. McKeown, J.D. Sugar, C.C. Bartlow, Andreas M. Glaeser

Abstract: Transient-liquid-phase (TLP) joining and liquid-film-assisted joining (LFAJ) exploit thin metallic films that melt at relatively low...


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