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Authors: E. Uhlmann, C. Hübert
Abstract:The competitiveness of component parts made of advanced ceramics results almost exclusively from the properties of the material in use....
Authors: José Carlos Bressiani, Luis Antonio Genova
Abstract:Densification curves of silicon nitride specimens with varying composition were determined with the aid of a dilatometer and these curves...
Authors: Csaba Balázsi, Ferenc Wéber, Péter Arató, Balazs Fényi, Norbert Hegman, Zoltán Kónya, Imre Kiricsi, Zófia Vértesy, László Péter Biró
Abstract:This work is focusing on exploring preparing processes to tailor the microstructure of carbon nanotube (CNT) reinforced silicon...
Authors: Biljana Mikijelj, Munjal Chheda, James Shih, Heinrich Knoch
Authors: J. Marchi, José Carlos Bressiani, Ana Helena A. Bressiani
Abstract:The sintering behavior of silicon carbide using alumina, silica and yttria as additives was investigated. Powders containing 90 vol. % SiC...
Authors: T.C. Shabalala, David S. McLachlan, I.J. Sigalas, Mathias Herrmann
Abstract:Boron Suboxide (B6O) powder was synthesized at temperatures of about 1400 oC from the reaction of boron and boric acid powders. The...
Authors: V.V. Vikulin
Abstract:As required by the purpose and operating conditions of the articles, Si3N4-based ceramic materials must have a combination of properties...
Authors: Maurizio Fersini, R. Bianco, L. De Lorenzis, Antonio Licciulli, G. Pasquero, G. Zanon
Abstract:Advanced structural ceramics such as Hot Pressed Silicon Nitride (HPSN) and Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide (RBSC), thanks to their low...
Authors: Vimal K. Pujari, Ara Vartabedian, William T. Collins
Abstract:Cost effective ceramic manufacturing with green and dense machining perspectives has been described. An advanced CNC green machining based...
Authors: Tomaž Kosmač, Aleš Dakskobler, Mihael Kermc, Zmago Stadler
Abstract:A design study for ceramic pistons was undertaken in order to address the overheating problems associated with the caliper during aggressive...
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