11th International Ceramics Congress

Volume 45

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.45

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Authors: Hong Zhou Jiang, Ying Tang, Juan Juan Li, Jian Zhou, Gui Zhen Liu

Abstract: The effects of a few added components, i.e. SnO2, Cr2O3 and Fe2O3, in porcelain glaze on thermal conductivity of porcelain glaze are...

Authors: Urban Wiklund, Nils Stavlid, Sture Hogmark

Abstract: Ceramic carbon based coatings have become common on tools and machine components, mainly because they offer a greatly reduced friction, as...

Authors: Irina Hussainova, Maksim Antonov, Olga Volobueva

Abstract: Solid particle erosion tests were conducted on WC-, TiC-, and Cr3C2 - based ceramicmetal composites (cermets) to study their performance in...

Authors: Zbigniew Pędzich, Rafał Cheliński

Abstract: Paper presents the results of investigation on wear of alumina and alumina-basing particulate composites by hard abrasive particles in...

Authors: Jochen Schilm, Mathias Herrmann, G. Michael

Abstract: The corrosion behavior of silicon nitride materials in aqueous media strongly depends on the composition and amount of the grain boundary....

Authors: Minna Piispanen, Linda Fröberg, Thomas Kronberg, Sami Areva, Leena Hupa

Abstract: The goal of this work was to establish the compatibility of mat glazes with functional films known to render the surfaces with...

Authors: Hiroyuki Sunayama, Masayasu Kawahara

Abstract: The corrosion test for magnesia-carbon refractory, MgO-C, with dense layer has been carried out by a rotating cylinder method at 1673 K....

Authors: Claus H. Rüscher, Nadine Eils, Ingo Horn, Hartmut Schneider, Shiro Shimada

Abstract: Two series of mullite single crystal plates of thicknesses between 0.9 and 1.9 mm were exposed up to 12 h to a slowly flowing water rich...

Authors: Masahiro Nagae, Tetsuo Yoshio, Kohei Oda

Abstract: The corrosion behavior of Si3N4, SiC, mullite, alumina and sapphire was investigated in supercritical water at 450 °C and 45MPa for 2 to...

Authors: Sonia Regina Homem de Mello-Castanho, Antônio Carlos da Silva, Wilson Acchar, Ana M. Segadães

Abstract: The vitrification process is an attractive route for the inertization treatment of hazardous industrial wastes. The corrosion resistance of...


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