11th International Ceramics Congress

Volume 45

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.45

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Authors: Toshihiro Ishikawa

Abstract: In order to avoid large problems regarding peering of the titania layer coated on the substrate, we developed an epoch-making “strong...

Authors: Toshihiko Osaki, Toshiaki Mori

Abstract: The aerogels of nickel-alumina system have been synthesized from aluminum triisoprppoxide and nickel glycoxide by sol-gel and subsequent...

Authors: Sung Wook Kim, Shinji Iwamoto, Masashi Inoue

Abstract: Solvothermal reaction of aluminum alkoxides in various alcohols at 250-300 oC yielded alkyl derivatives of boehmite (alkoxyalumoxanes;...

Authors: Eiji Tani

Abstract: Lightweight fine open-cell porous Si/SiC ceramic filter was fabricated using polyurethane sponge. The thickness of the strut and the cell...

Authors: Phil R. Jackson, Dave Cartlidge, Lisa S. Cobden, B. Gorbunov
Authors: Daisuke Hirabayashi, Takeshi Yoshikawa, Yoshiki Kawamoto, Kazuhiro Mochizuki, Kenzi Suzuki

Abstract: Characterization and application of calcium ferrites based solid solutions containing active oxygen species for catalysts in propylene...

Authors: Y. Pontikes, I. Vangelatos, Dimitri Boufounos, Dimitris Fafoutis, G.N. Angelopoulus

Abstract: Bauxite Residue (BR) is the main waste generated during the alumina-producing Bayer process. With the aim to utilize BR in the production...

Authors: Filofteia Laura Toma, Ghislaine Bertrand, Cathy Meunier, Sylvie Begin, Didier Klein, Christian Coddet

Abstract: This paper deals with the elaboration of titanium dioxide coatings, designed for photocatalytic applications, obtained by a...


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