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Authors: Goutam Bhattacharya, Shao Wei Zhang, Daniel Doni Jayaseelan, William Edward Lee
Abstract:Spinel (MgAl2O4) formation from stoichiometric MgO and Al2O3 is strongly mineralized by B-containing compounds such as boron oxide (B2O3),...
Authors: Abílio P. Silva, Ana M. Segadães, Tessaleno C. Devezas
Abstract:A self-flow refractory castable (SFRC) without cement requires a matrix of fine particles and a broad size distribution of coarse particles...
Authors: R. Svinka, V. Svinka, G. Bula, T. Juettner, E. Palcevskis
Abstract:Light weight materials are produced according to the aerated concrete technology using slurries. In concentrated suspensions pore formation...
Authors: V.V. Vikulin, M. Yu. Rusin, L.N. Rusanova
Abstract:A new technology has been developed for making refractory products based on the naturally occurring wollastonite (calcium metasilicate)...
Authors: Michel Rigaud, Kumarasamy Balamurugan, Kannabiran Sankaranarayanane
Abstract:Rheological test results on alumina-magnesia castables, containing extruded flake graphite pellets, as well as steel fibers are considered...
Authors: Wei Lin, Jian Li Zhao, Junji Ommyoji, Akira Yamaguchi
Abstract:In order to develop an ideal material for the nozzle used in steel continuous casting process, the hydration resistance of some...
Authors: Jacek Szczerba, Zbigniew Pędzich
Abstract:The paper presents the results of investigations on the influence of the starting mass grain size distribution on microstructure of sintered...
Authors: Philippe Touzain
Authors: Simon D. George, Marius Cronje, S.M. Farn
Abstract:The importance of modelling as a tool in the design of both refractory structures and materials is considered. Both bulk refractory...
Authors: Jens Schmidt, Matthias Scheiffele, Alexander Mach, Franz von Issendorff
Abstract:Non-oxide SiC ceramics can withstand high temperatures ~1400 °C in severe combustion environments. Therefore such ceramics are interesting...
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