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Authors: Sandrine Coste, Ghislaine Bertrand, Christian Coddet, Eric Gaffet, Horst Hahn, H. Sieger, M.A. Rodriguez, Cathy Meunier, Serge Vives
Abstract:Superior properties of nanostructured Al2O3 based materials, such as higher hardness and fracture toughness, have been evidenced. In order...
Authors: S.M. Zanetti, M.G.S. Pereira, Maria do Carmo de Andrade Nono
Abstract:Bismuth zinc niobate belongs to the pyrochlore-based microwave dielectrics, with high ε and low dielectric losses. This research reports the...
Authors: Cornel Miclea, Constantin Tanasoiu, Corneliu Florin Miclea, I. Spanulescu, Anca Gheorghiu, M. Cioangher
Abstract:Strontium hexaferrite nanopowders were prepared by mechanochemical synthesis from strontium and iron oxides using a high energy ball mill...
Authors: Zoran V. Popović, Z. Dohčević-Mitrović, M. Šćepanović, M. Grujić-Brojčin
Abstract:The use of the optical spectroscopy techniques (Raman scattering, infrared reflectivity and photoluminescence) in characterization of...
Authors: Rodrigo Moreno, Carlos A. Gutiérrez
Abstract:In this work the rheological behaviour of aqueous alumina suspensions with solids loadings ranging from 37 to 59 vol% is studied. A complete...
Authors: Mufit Akinc, Chuan Ping Li
Abstract:Use of environmentally friendly processing additives for nanometric powders has tremendous technological implications. In this study, the...
Authors: G. Falk
Abstract:Processing of colloidal gels with electrified interfaces to form ceramic bulk and composite materials as well as coatings of complex shapes...
Authors: Hiroya Abe, Akira Kondo, Kosuke Takenaka, Yuichi Setsuhara, Makio Naito
Abstract:An apparatus which presents a mechanical milling with electric discharge is introduced. As a model experiment, an anatase TiO2 nanopowder...
Authors: J.H. Kim, Nam Hee Lee, Hyo Jin Oh, Cho Rong Yoon, Wheung Whoe Kim, Jae Sung Song, C.J. Jeon, Sun Jae Kim
Abstract:An electrophoretic solution using TiO2 nano particles is the most promising candidate in electronic paper industry because it offers various...
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