Science and Engineering of Novel Superconductors V

Volume 47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: X. Granados, S. Iliescu, B. Bozzo, E. Bartolome, Teresa Puig, X. Obradors, J. Amorós, M. Carrera

Abstract: Nondestructive testing of superconducting blocks and thin films is a worth point in their development and their industrial production. The...

Authors: Giovanni Giunchi, Giovanni Ripamonti, Elena Perini, Stefano Ginocchio, Enrico Bassani, Tommaso Cavallin

Abstract: The issues in the conventional sintering of the MgB2 superconductors have conducted to the discovery of a new way to densify this material....

Authors: E. Gilioli, Andrea Gauzzi, Massimiliano Bindi, S. Rampino, F. Pattini, F. Bissoli, Stefano Ginocchio, M. Baldini, Sergio Zannella

Abstract: We report on recent progress towards the continuous deposition of YBCO Coated Conductors (CC) by thermal co-evaporation. This is an...

Authors: Tatiana Prikhna, Wolfgang Gawalek, Yaroslav Savchuk, Nina Sergienko, Viktor Moshchil, Sergey N. Dub, Vladimir Sverdun, Leo Kovalev, Vladimir Penkin, Oleg Rozenberg, Matthias Zeisberger, Michael Wendt, Gunter Fuchs, Chris Grovenor, Sarah Haigh, Vladimir S. Melnikov, Peter Nagorny

Abstract: Addition of Ti and Zr to high-pressure (HP) synthesized MgB2 results in an increase of critical current density of the material due to the...

Authors: Alberto Ubaldini, V.P.S. Awana, S. Balamurugan, E. Takayama-Muromachi

Abstract: The ruthenocuprates family is a very interesting class of materials, because of the coexistence of superconductivity and magnetic ordering....

Authors: Angel Bustamante D., Ana M. Osorio A., Luis De Los Santos V., Hilda Carhuancho A., J.C. González G., Geraldo R.C. Cernicchiario, Juan Augusto Feijoo L.

Abstract: In this work we present the results about the preparation of the superconductor YBa2Cu3O7-δ (Y123) by sol-gel method using oxalate...

Authors: Elvia Díaz-Valdés, Ernesto Castillo-Apodaca, C. Mejía-García, G.S. Contreras-Puente

Abstract: Bi-Pb-Sr-Ca-Cu-O films were deposited at 270-420°C by organic chemical spray pyrolysis deposition with triphenyl bismuth (TPB), Pb(tmhd)2,...

Authors: K. Rubešová, Dagmar Sýkorová

Abstract: The phase evolution and properties of strontium vanadate Sr3V2O8 were investigated using different method of preparation: solid state...


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