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Authors: Claudia Scilletta, Marco Servidori, L. Barba, E. Cappelli, S. Orlando, P. Ascarelli
Abstract:The physical properties of graphene nano-structures are highly anisotropic and generally correlated to the graphene sheet orientation. We...
Authors: G. Tempesta, G. Agrosì, G.C. Capitani, Eugenio Scandale
Abstract:Structural defects and degree of order of natural and synthetic moissanite have been investigated by XRD Topography and TEM. XRDT analyses...
Authors: Masashi Inoue, Kouta Asai, Yoshiyuki Nagayasu, Koji Takane, Eriko Yagasaki
Abstract:The influence of morphology of the support particles upon the nickel-catalyzed decomposition of methane into carbon nanotubes and hydrogen...
Authors: J. Isberg, M. Gabrysch, A. Tajani, D. Twitchen
Authors: Karthik Subramanian, W.P. Kang, J.L. Davidson
Abstract:We are fabricating and examining nanocarbon derived electron emission devices, specifically, nanodiamond lateral field emission diodes....
Authors: F.A.M. Koeck, J.M. Garguillo, John R. Smith, Y.J. Tang, G.L. Bilbro, Robert J. Nemanich
Abstract:Vacuum thermionic energy conversion achieves direct conversion of heat into electrical energy. The process involves thermionic electron...
Authors: Jürgen Ristein, Paul Strobel, Lothar Ley
Abstract:One of the most amazing features of diamond is the p-type surface conductivity which occurs when intrinsic material is hydrogen terminated...
Authors: Claudio Manfredotti
Abstract:CVD diamond films have reached in recent years superlative improvements in their β€œ detector grade β€œ quality, with a time derivative which...
Authors: Karthikk Sridharan, Kenneth P. Roberts, Saibal Mitra
Abstract:Tungsten oxide nanorods were prepared in a hot filament chemical vapor deposition (HFCVD) reactor. A mixture of gases containing hydrogen,...
Authors: Masaru Hori, Minoru Hiramatsu
Abstract:Carbon nanowalls (CNWs), i.e., two-dimensional carbon nanostructures, were fabricated using fluorocarbon capacitively coupled...
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