Bioactive Glass-Ceramic Porous Sinters


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Bioglasses and bioactive glass-ceramics have found increasingly wide application in medicine and dentistry. Using sol-gel method, is possible to obtain glass and glass-ceramic bioactive materials of new generation, characterized the higher bioactivity than melted bioglasses. These materials can be produced in various final forms, as powders, thin layers on different base and porous sinters. Production of porous bioactive sinters from gel-derived powders is a new problem and the parameters controlling this process are not recognized yet. The aim of the study was to obtain porous bioactive sinters from gel-derived powders of the SiO2-CaO-P2O5 system of four various chemical compositions (S2, II, I, A2) and the characterization of properties of these new materials. The starting powders differ from each other in the content of the basic components, at the molar ratio of CaO to SiO2 equals 0.2-1.35. To obtain the porous sinters a method of burning additions and deposition of the casting slip on the polymeric sponge was used. Sintering was realized in several stages, at the maximal temperature 1200oC. By selecting appropriate conditions of sintering, a durable material of high open porosity up to 77 % was obtained. Its porous structure was characterized by a prevailing number of small micropores of similar dimensions, uniformly distributed in the material. The phase composition of obtained sinters was determined by the X-ray diffraction method. All sinters represented glass-ceramic materials with apatite, cristoballite and calcium silicates as a main crystalline phases. In order to preliminary determination bioactivity of obtained sinters, test in vitro in simulated body fluid SBF was conducted. It was found that hydroxyapatite formation on the sinter surface occurs only in the case of biomaterials of highest calcium concentration.



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R. Sindut et al., "Bioactive Glass-Ceramic Porous Sinters", Advances in Science and Technology, Vol. 49, pp. 103-108, 2006

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October 2006