Materials in Clinical Applications VII

Volume 49

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Joseph J. Beltrano, Lorenzo Torrisi, Anna Maria Visco, Nino Campo, E. Rapisarda

Abstract: A Nd:YAG laser is employed to ablate different materials useful in the bio-medical field. The laser source operates in the IR (1064 nm),...

Authors: Aneta Zima, B. Mycek, Anna Ślósarczyk, J. Szymura-Oleksiak, Zofia Paszkiewicz

Abstract: The goal of our studies has been to determine under in vitro conditions the amount and rate of pentoxifylline release from the samples of...

Authors: Federica Bondioli, Valeria Cannillo, Luca Lusvarghi, Tiziano Manfredini, Anna Maria Ferrari

Abstract: Hydroxyapatite (HAP), Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2, is a well-known and a valuable implant material with biocompatibility and bioactive properties. Full...

Authors: A. Leonhardt, Ingolf Mönch, Axel Meye, S. Hampel, B. Büchner

Abstract: Especially during last years, fundamental discoveries of various species and modifications of carbon nanotubes have stimulated research on...

Authors: A. Mangione, Lorenzo Torrisi, A. Picciotto, Anna Maria Visco, Nino Campo

Abstract: Damond-like (DLC) films can be produced by Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) technique. Different pulsed lasers can be employed to generate hot...

Authors: Eszter Bognár, György Ring, Katalin Albrecht, János Dobránszky, János Ginsztler

Abstract: The main goal of the present study was to determine the surface features, surface failures and fatigue properties of coated coronary...

Authors: György Ring, Eszter Bognár, János Dobránszky, János Ginsztler, László Major

Abstract: The role of the stents is to prevent restenosis. The rapid growth of stents’ application in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases...

Authors: Yorinobu Takigawa, Yukihisa Naka, Kenji Higashi

Abstract: The effect of cation ion dopant on phase transformation of zirconia bioceramics is evaluated by ageing in hot water. The phase...

Authors: R. Sindut, Katarzyna Cholewa-Kowalska, Maria Łączka

Abstract: Bioglasses and bioactive glass-ceramics have found increasingly wide application in medicine and dentistry. Using sol-gel method, is...

Authors: Simo Pekka Hannula, Outi Söderberg, Timo Jämsä, V.K. Lindroos

Abstract: NiTi shape memory alloy (SMA) products appeared to the medical markets in 1980’s, their global market being more than US$ 130 billion in...


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