Materials in Clinical Applications VII

Volume 49

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kimio Hashimoto, Dai Kawahara, Yukiko Toshimori, Masahide Hayakawa, Hisato Sakashita, Haruyuki Kawahara

Abstract: Ti-6Al-4V alloy (Ti-Al-V) is used in dental implants and artificial hip joints to take advantage of its higher mechanical strength compared...

Authors: T. Nejatian, A. Johnson, R. Van Noort

Abstract: The fracture resistance of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) the most popular denture base materials, is not satisfactory. The aim of this...

Authors: Anna Maria Visco, L. Calabrese, Nino Campo, A. Bonavita, Lorenzo Torrisi

Abstract: In order to rebuild the decayed teeth it’s necessary to re-establish the elastic properties of lost dental tissues, replacing them with...

Authors: Guo Ping Chen, M. Tanaka, Tetsuya Tateishi

Abstract: Three-dimensional biodegradable porous scaffolds play an important role in tissue engineering as temporary templates for transplanted cells...

Authors: H. Ivankovic, G. Gallego Ferrer, E. Tkalcec, M. Ivankovic

Abstract: Scaffold of hydroxyapatite for further tissue-engineering application was produced by hydrothermal treatment of cuttlefish bone originated...

Authors: Sylvain Deville, Eduardo Saiz, Ravi K. Nalla, Antoni P. Tomsia

Abstract: Despite extensive efforts in the development of fabrication methods to prepare porous ceramic scaffolds for osseous tissue regeneration,...

Authors: J. Russias, Eduardo Saiz, Sylvain Deville, Antoni P. Tomsia

Abstract: The development of novel biodegradable scaffolds for the treatment of bone and cartilage defects is the subject of intense research. A...

Authors: Rosemarie Dittrich, Florian Despang, A. Bernhardt, A. Mannschatz, Th. Hanke, Gerhard Tomandl, W. Pompe, M. Gelinsky
Authors: Kazuo Takakuda, Yoshihisa Koyama, Ben Tominaga, Kikuo Ohno, Tomokazu Mukai, Noriaki Shirahama

Abstract: Regeneration of dura mater of the brain is one of the most urgent tasks in the fields of regeneration medicine, considering the facts that...

Authors: Kuniteru Nagahara, Toshiichiro Tanabe, Noriaki Ito, Motohiko Nagayama, Kota Takagi, Shuho Fujii

Abstract: Because a concept of an osteointegrated dental implant system was established, prognosis of a dental implant at treatment improved and the...


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