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Authors: Jan Schrooten, Tim Van Cleynenbreugel, Saartje Impens, Astrid Bakker, Jan Luyten, Jos Vander Sloten, Frank P. Luyten
Abstract:Tissue engineering (TE) aims/seeks to achieve the substitution of organ transplantation by the creation of living, functional tissues. It...
Authors: Soo Hyun Kim, Young Mee Jung, Sang Heon Kim, Young Ha Kim, Jun Xie, Takehisa Matsuda, Byoung Goo Min
Abstract:To engineer cartilaginous constructs with a mechano-active scaffold and dynamic compression was performed for effective cartilage tissue...
Authors: Chih Ling Huang, Ying Yi Lin, Jiunn Der Liao
Abstract:Nerve bridging is to suture a biomaterial-made conduit and to overpass the damaged nerve end to end with microsurgery. Poly L-lactide (PLLA)...
Authors: Racquel Z. LeGeros, John P. LeGeros
Abstract:Plasma-sprayed ‘HA’ coatings on commercial orthopedic and dental implants were developed to combine the strength of the metal (Ti or Ti...
Authors: Akiyoshi Yamagami, Yuji Ehara, Shogo Kanda, Takahisa Fukazawa, Yusuke Yoshihara, Fumihiko Suwa
Abstract:At present, immediate loading of dental implants is of great interest. The key of this issue is how quickly implant can acquire firm...
Authors: Hitoshi Toshimori, Dai Kawahara, Yukiko Toshimori, Hirotada Koike, Tadao Sugimoto, Haruyuki Kawahara
Authors: Norio Inou, Michihiko Koseki, Koutarou Maki
Abstract:This paper presents automated finite element modeling method and application to a biomechanical study. The modeling method produces a finite...
Authors: Masahide Hayakawa, Dai Kawahara, Hitoshi Toshimori, Kimio Hashimoto, Hisato Sakashita, Tadao Sugimoto, Haruyuki Kawahara
Authors: E. Czarnowska, A. Zajaczkowska, A. Sowinska, M.M. Godlewski, Jaroslaw Mizera, T. Wierzchon
Abstract:A diffusion surface layer of Ti3P+Ti-Ni type was produced on Ti6Al4V titanium alloy by a chemical electroless nickel-phosphorous deposition...
Authors: Hanna Arstila, Mikko Tukiainen, Leena Hupa, Heimo O. Ylänen, Minna Kellomäki, Mikko Hupa
Abstract:Implants with long lasting bioactivity and mechanical sustainability would be of interest in several novel clinical applications. By...
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